What is Wealthy Wednesday?

Wednesday is about helping you build a wealthy mind through inspirational books, articles, videos or other resources that will help you develop your wealth of knowledge.

Wednesday is a good day to understand your feelings. Are you counting the hours down until the weekend? Did you get out of bed this morning and think, ‘I’m nearly half-way through the week’?

We can all continue to develop our wealthy minds, but if you relate to the above, your spiritual wealthiness definitely needs some TLC  🙂

A few years ago I read these two powerful books.

Both are amazing and can really change the way you think. I’d recommend both of these books to build your wealthy mind 🙂


The Shack

The ‘The Shack’ which was recommended to me by a friend. This story is quite haunting at first, but the whole message within the book really got my mind working overtime. This is a powerful story and it really got me thinking. Whether you believe in God or not? If you want to know why? Why you? Why are we here? Why! Why! Why!


As many of us often do, this book does a good job at trying to explain it!


zen and the art of happiness

The ‘Zen and the Art of Happiness’ is another book that got me thinking.

For those who have touched on the Law of Attraction and the connection to the Universe, will enjoy this book.

It goes a bit deeper into the theory and touches on the scientific side (without losing the reader).



These 2 books are completely different but do actually complement each other. Admittedly, the ‘The Shack’ is quite emotional. I felt quite nauseous when reading the first part that I nearly gave up, not that I want to spoil the story, but I couldn’t understand how anyone could get over what Mack was facing, and this is not to say he does get over it, but working through his emotions is such an intriguing read.

The ‘Zen and the Art of Happiness’ confirmed for me everything I thought about the Law of Attraction and how I was on the right track. Proving today that I most certainly was.

So, do you need to analysis a few things in your life ? These are two great reads that will really get you thinking!