It may be easier said than done when it comes to forgetting yesterday.

But unfortunately, unless you have some kind of miraculous time-machine hanging about, there’s not much you can do about yesterday, except work on today and change your tomorrow.

If there’s something you want to change – you can do that today!

If there’s something that is upsetting you – think about how you can make it right! If you can’t make it right, then work on something you can make right and try and move forward.

Worrying about what happened yesterday is only going to damage your ability to move forward today.


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If you feel you are holding onto deep-rooted emotions, feelings, angst, hurt or anything else that could be holding you back, it’s time to deal with it.

Do you want to still have these upsetting emotions in a year’s time? Don’t you want to embrace every day with joy, happiness and fulfillment?

Unless you let go of yesterday you can’t move forward into tomorrow!

You’ll be on an endless cycle of what ifs … your key to happiness is moving into tomorrow with all your experiences, all your heart and knowing you will make a difference to your life.


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Your story is your own … don’t make it someone else’s by giving too much of your worry on yesterday!

I love this final quote!

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