As a spiritual entrepreneur, you’ll want to connect with your audience on a deeper level … right?



And trust me, I know the competition is tough!

So ask yourself, how can I stand out, while still aligning with my spiritual teachings and journey?

I see you … I know, you want to make a difference and that matters to you!

How do I know this? Because I’m the same … we are lightworkers coming together to make a difference in the world!

But this 6-month intense program will give you the tools you need to rocket you forward!

There are limited spaces … (that’s not a sales line, there seriously are limited spaces … there’s only one of me, as much as I can ask my team to help, it’s my mission to help you spread your love not by palming you off!)

So, what does this package include?

Support, support, support!!!

Look my Facebook Group isn’t named, ‘Even Angels wear Positive Pants to Manifest Miracles’ for nothing!

I truly believe if you take part in my coaching program, I will help you over 6 months develop products, develop your social media, help you set out a content plan, help you go live, help you do videos, if you want to create your own oracle pack, I’ve got you!

We will look at your sales funnels, your marketing, your business as a whole and ensure you are spiritually aligned with what you are offering.

We will work through mindset (as that can be a bummer when it comes to launching our business or a product) AND I will motivate you and keep you on track!

Yes, I get the latter is a BIG ask … but if you’re a lightworker and you want to spread your message, then I want to help you spread that message.

Because I do dedicate my time to helping you; you will receive a message from me at least once a day (yes, even on weekends), because of this commitment, there are limited spaces to this intense 6-month program.

  • Your stories …

Are you capturing your audience with your inspiring spiritual stories? Are you hiding away from your story when it could be inspiring others? Everyone has a story to tell, and people love reading, listening and watching the stories of others. There’s something about connecting energetically to someone else through their story, especially when you can relate to that story yourself!

You know that feeling, right?

You read someone’s words, you resonate, you feel that empathy, you connect on a deep meaningful level … you ‘get them’!

Do you know how many people out there NEED to hear your story?

If you want to write your own book … I can most definitely help with that, however, if you’d just like to start using your stories to connect with your audience, we can most certainly start there!

Don’t underestimate the power of your story, the influence it may have on others, how it can help & inspire them.

We can work this out together? I will help you write copy your posts!

  • Marketing Tools

Do you want to design a quiz? Do you want to design a set of oracle cards? Would you just love for your own angel guidance work to be out in print? Would you love a series of branded videos? You’d love to be able to get your own beliefs, thoughts and spirituality out to the world?

You can choose between the options above and we will have your desires out to the world!

We will talk sales funnels, branding, marketing and we will devise a marketing plan for the coming months and we will keep you accountable!

I can help you design, pull together all your wants and needs, leaving you with the ultimate finished product …

  • Hand holding

As a spiritual entrepreneur you are probably sensitive and empathic, well, I’ve got you! There are many coaches that teach you how to coach yourself, I will do this because it’s a lifetime tool that will fuel you forward (we do this through my Law of Attraction: inner peace flow program) but I will also work with you to get you to that point if you need it.

I will support you throughout our time together!

Okay, I realise the above sounds a bit airy-fairy …

but just know … I’ve got you!

When you invest in my program, I know how much you are investing in yourself, I know you have a message to spread & I will do my utmost to help you get there!

As a spiritual soul you’ll be sensitive to the energies of others, and actually might find this has held you back!

I let it hold me back for a long time until I realised that by doing this I was actually doing others a disservice! It was when my own coach called an ‘a**ehole’ for keeping these secrets to myself that I knew the angels were giving me a shake through her 😆

By not empowering and using my own gifts, knowledge & experience the collective energies that can raise the world to a higher place of love, how is that loving at all?

Does this sound like you? Do you feel you shouldn’t for charging for your energetic services? Do you want to help the masses, but seem to use all your own energy doing so? Maybe you don’t have the right support or network around you? Maybe you want to be more visible but you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you just want help getting it together, getting your message out there and showering the world with love!

Surrounding yourself with high vibe, like-minded, energetic souls will lift your own spiritual alignment and rocket you forward!