Thank you so much for enquiring about the Manifesting with Angel Readings 💖

I offer 2 readings:

1-2-1 – 60 mins – £55

This reading will look at 2 cards, where you’ve been and where you are heading! However, often people have readings and although it resonates, they are not sure how or what to do with the information … it’s okay, agreeing with the information, but sometimes we don’t know what to do to process it.

So, as I am qualified in the Law of Attraction and Reiki, I will use these energies to help you put a mini-plan in place. This is only a quick 45-minute reading designed to help you move forward with mine and the Angels help.

An audio reading – £11

Simply ask a question, I will pull the cards for you aligning with your energies and will voice record the message from the angels. The recording is usually 5-10 minutes.