Who wants more positivity in 2021?

January is a ‘funny old month’, for most years to be fair!

But, as we left 2020, there were many people pleased to see the back of it!

But, let’s be honest, as we enter 2021, it’s not been the usual January we had hoped for!

So, who wants more positivity in 2021?

There are many people facing the same lockdown restrictions & life seems to be just blending from one day to the next, and in the UK, we are back to secondary schools being closed until the middle of the month. So, many parents, like myself, are thrown into home-schooling as the year starts!

So, I wanted to step in and spread some positivity!

But not with my usual, blogging & writing …

Nope! I’m going all out to spread some positive vibes!

We ended the year with online parties & we started the year with some new challenges, so I’m just going to throw these 2 things together and challenge you to a positivity party!

If you haven’t already seen my A-Z Inspirational January Videos, please check them out here … 

These videos start with ‘A is for Affirmations’, you can download the ‘Appreciation Affirmations’ to get you started on your Positive Pants Journey into 2021!

These videos & affirmations will help to give you a boost, that will make you excited and …