believe to achieve

Photo credit: Believe to Achieve

I’m asking myself the same question!

I am so focused on my work and my writing (and when is it time for a glass of wine! 🙂 ).

I’m learning new things daily. I’m reading lots of spiritual and inspirational stuff. I’m so excited about my work. But that part of my life seems to have taken over my health and fitness side.

I don’t know about you but I always make an excuse up. Well, I don’t see it as an excuse, but there is always something else to do. But I know that if my fitness levels were up, I was eating healthier and my waistline decreased, I would have more energy to fit in more of the stuff I want to do.

I was very lucky before I had my girls, I was one of those ladies who could eat what I wanted and never put on weight! Yes, I would have hated me too! But then two kids later, that just isn’t the case anymore. 2 or 3 dress sizes bigger than I was BC (before children) I’ve decided to have a 6 week intense workout regime! 6 weeks of torture before the kids break-up … and I do turn to the vino daily 🙂

So I started this morning, encouraged by a lovely friend, who told me this class she attends every morning was easy!

She lied!

If you’ve seen Insanity … think that … but real-life encouragement and being shouted at … it was fantastic!

So, MA Fitness in Yarm has just become my new addiction! Mike who was running the class was great. There’s something exhilarating about being with a group of people who all have the same aim as you! Encouragement, the energy and the motivation was exactly what I needed. I am buzzing.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I really thought I was going to pass out or throw-up in the class. I really did think my beetroot head would explode. I finished with my heart beating so fast I thought they would need to get me an ambulance. And when leaving I thought I would sleep through the rest of the day, but now I feel so full of energy and can’t wait to go back.

So I wanted to encourage you to take those steps forward this week. Really think about what it is you want and then go for it.

My own favourite quote is:

‘Even the smallest steps count!’ 

So come on, whatever it is you want to achieve start putting those steps in place, and you’ll reach your goal sooner than you think.

This time is coming anyway.

So go for it! Believe in yourself!