When you think about the word wealth,

what automatically comes to mind?


or this?

 So, did you think about the first 2 explanations taken from the Oxford Dictionary ?
1. An abundance of valuable possessions or money:he used his considerable wealth to bribe officials
 1.1 The state of being rich; material prosperity:some people buy boats and cars to display their wealth
1.2 Plentiful supplies of a particular resource:the country’s mineral wealth
2[IN SINGULAR] A plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing:the tables and maps contain a wealth of information
Or, did you think of the 3rd meaning? The traditional meaning?
3. archaic: Well-being.
Wealthy 1

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You could have the biggest bank balance in the world but is that real wealth if something else such as love, completeness or fulfillment is missing?

You could be the richest person, but you could also be the saddest, would you feel wealthy?

I’m loving the traditional meaning of wealth.

Have a think about these quotes and consider whether you feel wealthy.

Appreciating your wealth will bring you more wealth.

Think about the following quotes and understand what wealth means to you!

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wealth - pintrest

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wealth material quote

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wealth 2

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wealthy 3

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