The three most commonly taught languages in schools are French, German and Spanish.

Usborne Books do not let the side down when it comes to their language books. You can see the full range from page 155 to 160.

Below is a little overview of what is available – from sticker books, flashcards to picture books hopefully you’ll find something that will help in learning a new language!

Very First Words 

very first words


This is the English version, but the range also includes: French, Spanish, Polish and Irish.

Usborne also have first language sticker books and easy word books.





Young Languages 



There are range of books for young learners, from Dictionarys to word books, there’s so much to choose from.







Language Cards & Flashcards



Cards are available in Spanish and French.

Flashcards are available in: English, French, Spanish, Irish, Russian, Hebrew, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese.







First Hundred Words



There is a good range of books from the first hunderd words section, you will find languages in: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japenese.

There are also colouring books available in: English, French and Spanish.






Snap Cards



Snap cards are available in French, Spanish, Irish, Welsh and Polish









First Thousand Words



The range from the First Thousand Words is fantastic. The languages available are: Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, Portuguese, Latin.

English, French, Spanish, German and Latin are available as sticker books.





If you and your children are interested in learning a new language, the range from Usborne is extensive and you will definitely find something that you could work on together.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.