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Last week we talked about Tranquility. Some people may struggle with being tranquil if they do not truly understand themselves.

It can be a really unsettling place if you’re unsure of who you are!

But as this quote from Debbie Ford expresses …

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Sometimes in life we go along a path that’s easy or it’s where we feel our journey takes us. But life is about choices, the decisions we make take us through different paths in our lives. But do you feel you haven’t chosen the right path? Do you feel like you’d like to move to a different route? Searching within yourself to find what you truly want will help you have a bigger understanding of yourself.

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There are personality tests you can take to try and get a better understanding of yourself, or seek help from a therapist or life-coach, all are great avenues if you really want to go deeper into understanding what you want from life. But for now here’s a few questions to help brainstorm!

1/ What do you feel are your strengths?

2/ What do you feel are your weaknesses?

3/ What makes you feel alive?

4/ What would make you want to get out of bed on a morning?

5/ What is one of the most crucial life events that has happened to you? How has this changed you?

6/ Is there anything else in your past that has changed you?

7/ What do you not like to see in others?

8/ List your priorities in life, i.e: love, family, money, relationships, work, hobbies etc.

9/ What are you scared of?

10/ What would you hate not to live without? When it comes to answering this last question, we need to think beyond family, relationships etc. It is a given that any such devastation is not something any of us wants to think about. This question relates to things you do in your own life, hobbies, work, time-out etc. Think of your life on a day-to-day basis, and if you feel you can’t answer this question, ask yourself: what is missing?

These are 10 simple questions to get you thinking about yourself and what your understanding of you is! As mentioned earlier there are other avenues you can take to understand yourself more, but hopefully the above has helped you think about it in a bit more detail.

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