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I would be the first to disagree with the title of this blog, ‘Too Old for a Drunken Night Out … I don’t think so!’ However, it is now Tuesday, and after a fantastic night at a charity ball on Saturday, I am still feeling the effects.

I’ve already had two weeks of feeling like I’d been run over by a bus (a double decker in the first week, a single in the second) after having all four wisdom teeth out. So I was looking forward to having lots of energy … and then I have a night out and knock myself back another week!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to a few glasses of wine, but I suppose a few glasses compared to endless top ups is maybe not the way forward!

The ball was for a well-deserved charity: Equipment for ICU at North Tees Hospital. It was a really fun night. We had such a good laugh, but as I sit still nursing my fuzzy head (well, whole body), I’m wondering if it was worth it. We tell ourselves, ‘of course it was, we only live once …’ But I think my soul has already lost the will to live!

I started out in my beautiful long dress, holding it elegantly as I walked sophisticatedly in my gorgeous irregular choice heels  … to crawling across my bathroom floor (well, that’s after I got off the kitchen floor!) – yes, still in my dress!! Don’t worry for all you mortified parents … the kids were staying out!

Sunday started with a 5-year-olds birthday party, screaming kids running around a soft play was not the best medicine. As I watched this madness, I thought back to the days when hangovers weren’t a problem. Well, they might have been but laying on the sofa all day, eating stodge always had me right after a day! I ate stodge all day Sunday, drank full-fat coke and had a very early night, but still I feel like someone has jumped around on my head and body for a good few hours. So, I can’t help but think … is it a virus? Maybe I’m coming down with something? I know this isn’t the case, but it’s nice to think of an excuse rather than knowing at the age of 35 years, I’m too old to take these drunken nights out!

Comfort Keepers website states, ‘Our metabolisms change as we get older; consequently, we break alcohol down more slowly so that it remains in our bodies longer. Age also causes the amount of water we have in our bodies to decrease resulting in a higher overall blood alcohol ratio when we drink. Aging also lowers the body’s tolerance for alcohol so that we experience side effects like slurred speech or lack of coordination more easily, even if we only drink a little bit.’

Here’s a few more websites if you’re interested in knowing why we suffer with hangovers (and more so as we get older 🙁 )

And not that I want to be a party-bore, as I said I’m very partial to a glass or two (or bottle) of wine, but at this moment in time … I don’t want to drink again!!  If a bad hangover can’t put me off drinking (because I’ll soon forget), maybe some of this information will:

Please have a read, I’m now off to get some more full-fat coke 🙂