Last week I talked about finding your inner peace. That can be quite difficult to do when you can’t quiet your mind. So we talked about meditation last week and how meditation is a great way to find your peace. I hope you found a way to meditate that suits you. Sometimes we just need to quiet our minds from our busy lives, meditation is a great way to do this. We may have found our inner peace, but this doesn’t mean that our minds are always quiet. So in those moments, it is best to take time out to find your quietness.

You may feel you don’t have time to take time out. But you’ll be amazed at how taking half an hour, or even fifteen minutes to re-adjust your thoughts, can lead to a more productive life. When we are in the midst of our busy lives, we often think if we just keep going, if we work our backsides off then we are living up to the standards of our modern world. I remember when I use to arrive at work for 7.30am, I would often skip my lunch break to fulfil tasks and would usually be one of the last to leave … was I happy? Hell, NO! Firstly, I didn’t like my job because I wasn’t fulfilling my passion. I thought the harder I worked, I’d more likely be promoted … however, this was a time before I was introduced to the Law of Attraction. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be promoted, as I hated the job. I was so negative about everything and I was so tired on a night, I couldn’t think happy quiet thoughts. I was miserable. That misery was projected in the workplace and to the universe … so guess what, guys … I received more misery. I didn’t get promoted and had a ‘woe is me’ attitude to life. I look back and could give my younger self a little slap! In a loving way of course.

Quiet your mind and focus on what you want

Now, I’ve followed my passion, that’s not saying it’s been easy, but I followed my gut instinct, I’ve listened to where I feel the angels and the universe need me to serve. I watched my life unfold as I’ve changed my thoughts. My quiet mind has helped me to progress in life in ways I never thought imaginable. I do have an over-active mind, but that’s because I want to do so much in this lifetime. I get excited about life. I want you to be excited about life. You can do this when you have a quiet mind.

Find something that will help you quiet your mind

One of my favourite ways to quiet my mind is walking. Especially walking in the countryside, across the hills and exploring. There’s nothing better than breathing in fresh air, taking in our glorious nature and being part of the wonderful views. It’s one of the most exhilarating experiences. It’s one of the best ways to listen to your thoughts.

Do you have time to quieten your mind?

Walking in the hills may not be ‘your thing’, or maybe you live in a place that doesn’t have quick access to hills and mountains to climb, but it’s important to find something that is ‘your thing’. It’s important to relax so you can move forward. We live in a world that is full of busy. Busy lives. Busy people. Busy. Busy. Busy. You’ll hear people saying, ‘I haven’t got time to meditate, relax or walk amongst the glorious heather …’ I jest, but you get the picture … people don’t have time to quieten their minds. These are the people that need it the most. These are the people who need to find their quiet.

People don’t realise that stopping and relaxing, to find their quiet and inner peace, will help to bring them more joy. Getting off the treadmill of life is the best therapy. Stepping off for a while is not only great to quiet the mind, it is essential for your soul. It is essential to keep refreshed. Once you have stepped away from the hustle and bustle, once you step back into it, you’ll become more productive. Taking time out is essential in moving forward. A quiet and peaceful mind leads to a quiet and peaceful body which in turn leads to a quiet and peaceful soul.

In this week’s therapeutic writing exercise free-write about all the things that are keeping your mind loud.

I realise this could come across as a negative exercise, but actually, sometimes we need to empty our minds of all the ‘stuff’ that is swirling around. This is a great way to empty your head. This writing exercise can actually help to quieten your mind. This could be something you could do daily. This is why many people write diaries and journals, as it helps to get it out of the mind onto paper.

In this exercise, you can write about your to-do list, your worries, the things that keep you awake at night … empty your mind onto paper … anything that will help to quiet your mind.

If it helps, meditate before this exercise or sit somewhere quiet before emptying your thoughts onto paper.

You can also download these printables to help remind you to step off the treadmill and quiet your mind


Remember: Positive messages throughout the day, helps the negative thoughts stay away.