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I realise I haven’t written a blog post on my own site for over 2 months!

I actually didn’t realise how long it had been until I checked back over and I thought, ‘It’s time to air some thoughts on here!’

So where have I been? Well, most authors will tell you they’ve been working on a new book. Although, I have many notepads with stories that I will tell at some point, one of my other focuses is my online wedding business, Calm Weddings. There have been major developments in the business which has taken me away from writing fiction for a while. But not that I’m complaining, as I love my business. So I’ve still been blog writing, but it’s been on topics related to gorgeous wedding dresses, glamourous shoes and awesome fancy paraphernalia! Even if you’re not getting married, but you lovely girlie things … I’m sure you’ll love some of the things I find! There are lots of images on our pintrest page (which we’ve just joined and seriously becoming addicted too!).

Meditation… Why you need to do it

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So, with all this going on. It got me thinking about how do all other people out there with busy lives prioritise? I know it’s not only me who is a busy working mum and wife, trying to put my family first, while trying to juggle work, household tasks and everything else that is thrown at us. Again, not that I’m complaining, but it did make me think … where is time going? Are we savouring this time as much as we should?

I like to think I am … I love what I do and I’m really lucky to have the opportunities that I have, so I’m so grateful that I’m not bound to a restricted life of a 9-5 job where someone else dictates the rules. But I don’t want it to pass me by so quickly that I wonder, ‘What on earth happened?’

So, I suppose I wanted to reach out to all you other busy people out and ask you to take 5 … I keep saying I’m going to meditate, but then I’ll tell myself, ‘I don’t have time!’ But meditation is so good for re-focusing and we’d also be savouring our moments.

If anything that I have learnt through my whirlwind life, is to be grateful for all that I have. I’ve read so much on the ‘law of attraction’ and ‘being at one with the Universe’, which I won’t go into in this post, however, there’s some amazing stuff to read out there, and I’ll be recommending some inspiring books soon. But often in our busy lives we forget what’s good in our lives, we focus on the next thing we have to do and this can cause a surmountable amount of stress.


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So take 5 minutes … If you can take longer, do it!T

Taking that 5 minutes to just breathe is so important to being healthy and feeling a renewed energy.

Feel what’s good in your life, it’s the healthiest way to live!

Sending happiness to you