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Ask yourself, this one question: Is your mind tranquil?

There are many people who will probably struggle to answer yes to this question.

In today’s society, we lead busy lives and being tranquil with ourselves seems to be a last priority or not a priority at all.

But to lead a happy life, we must try to be tranquil within ourselves. No-one can help us find this tranquility it can only come within.

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You may feel there’s a lot of external circumstances that you feel are stopping you from being tranquil.

But let’s concentrate on that word: feel.

Your feelings, your judgement, your choices are making you feel this way. You will find that if you were tranquil within your heart and mind you could deal with whatever life decides to throw at you. I know, easier said than done?

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Look at the following quote by Harry Vardon. You can adapt this quote to any part of your life.

Think of life with everything to gain and nothing to lose. If you had this mindset about your life … everything to gain! 

How amazing would that feel? A thought that could easily bring tranquility into your life.

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Maybe you focus on the small negatives in life!!! Does this quote sound like you?

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So it’s okay giving you a few quotes to mull over, but really how can you start having more tranquility in your life?

Here’s 5 TOP TIPS that should hopefully help you start!

1/ Meditate: Meditation is not only good for relieving stress but it has a range of other health benefits: especially when it comes to happiness. You can read more about mediation on the M is for Meditation blog.

2/ Be thankful: Many people suffer with unbalance in their lives when they focus too much on what they don’t have rather than what they do have! It is good to strive for more, have inspiration, goals and dreams etc. But it is so important to be grateful for what you already have in your life. You can read more about being thankful on the G is for Gratitude blog.

3/ Live in the present: You’ve heard the saying, ‘Live today. Life is a gift, that’s why it’s called the ‘Present’!’ Well this is true. Think about it … you can’t change the past, you can work towards your future but still, whatever happens, happens! Enjoy the journey and ensure you savour each day.

4/ Don’t worry about what others think of you: Ask yourself does it really matter? If it does matter, ask yourself why it matters? You are an unique individual who should embrace your individuality, just as you should let others be their own person. If you offer love and understanding to others, then don’t be worrying about what others think of you, as in the great scheme of life, it doesn’t matter.

5/ Do something you enjoy: When it comes down to it, many people don’t feel tranquil because they get tangled in the web of life: things that need to be done, things that have to be done, things they feel should be done etc. But making time to enjoy a hobby or working towards a goal, or something that really makes you tick can have a profound impact on your life. If you can take time out a week, or more, you will soon find tranquility entering your life.

So go on … go and find some tranquility … you deserve it!

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