It’s hard to thrive at something if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing … this works in all areas of your life. You may find that you are thriving in one area but not in another. Sometimes the areas that we are not thriving in as much can affect other areas of our lives. For example, we may have a wonderful relationship but we are not happy in our work. This work situation may affect your relationship; if you feel tired, worn-out, stressed etc. you won’t want to make the effort with your relationships when you are away from work. When you feel unhappy in one area of your life, it has a chain reaction to the other areas of your life. It’s sometimes hard to switch our feelings off when we are unhappy.

What can we do to thrive in every situation?

If we can change it … we should! If we can’t change it, then we can change our attitude and feelings towards it. For example, you may love your work but you may have issues with people you work with. You can’t change these people. Just like people can’t change you (or shouldn’t change you). What we can do is put out to the universe that we want to change our attitude, we want to thrive, we want to live a more peaceful life … You’d be amazed when you start thinking about thriving in certain situations you bring more to you to thrive on.

So, how do we go from ‘just living’ to ‘thriving’?

If you read my blog posts, you’ll know it comes down to gratefulness, being grateful for the good in your life will help develop your gratefulness throughout other areas of your life and the universe responds by giving you more to be grateful for. Once you become more grateful your attitude automatically changes and this will bring you an abundance of things to be grateful for … an abundance of things to thrive from.

Research, by Daniel Brown, a professor, psychology lecturer, at the University of Portsmouth, showed that a person must possess some (but not necessarily all) certain characteristics to be able to thrive in life, you can see the interesting research here.

Sometimes we feel we have nothing to thrive towards. There are problems, issues, life is just going along on its treadmill and we wonder what it is we should be thriving towards. The best way forward with this is to change your attitude towards your life. Look for the love. Take one of the situations that you feel is unthriving, and ask yourself, ‘If I can’t change it, what can I do to feel better about it?’ Once you start to thrive in one area of your life, the other areas will fall into place too. It’s amazing how our feelings towards a certain life situation can take up our whole being. So rather than a negative situation taking up your whole being, work on your attitude towards these feelings and watch how your world changes.

In this week’s therapeutic writing exercise let’s write about thriving in life.

Take one situation in your life that you wish you could thrive in … this could be work, relationships, hobbies … anything where you feel you are lacking. An area of your life you wish you could improve.

Now, free-write how you would feel if you could thrive in this area of your life. Visualise how you would feel and then write these feelings down. How would it feel to get out of bed every morning, and to be thriving in just this one area of your life? Now imagine how this would impact the other areas of your life and write down the positivity this could bring to all areas of your life. Write down the chain reaction you think this could have. Write down how you could thrive in other areas of your life if you made changes to one area.

Now … ask yourself, how can I make these changes? When will I make these changes? Put a plan in place to start thriving … you got this!

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Remember: Positive messages throughout the day, helps the negative thoughts stay away.