Self-love is important

February is the month of LOVE! So here’s a few inspiring ideas for Valentine’s Day, but this post wasn’t just for those in a relationship, or those sending love to someone, this post is also about self-love. Remember this month is about loving yourself too!

Send the love

Personally, I think every month should be the month of LOVE! There is something we say in our home when there is a little bit of friction, that is, ‘Send the love’. If you are ever in a situation that makes you feel a little rattled etc. Simply say ‘Send the love’, if it doesn’t work the first time, say it again, until it does. Truly feel it. When you realise that you can release so much positive energy and override any negative energy with this powerful feeling, it kind of becomes addictive.

But as we said earlier, this is the month of love … February 14th is the pinnacle day of LOVE!

Now, remember, this isn’t just for those in a relationship, or those sending love to someone … this is about self-love. So if you look through these ideas, remember this month is about loving yourself too!

Make sure you not only treat any loved ones, but you also treat yourself too.

Downloadable Love Prints

You can put them up around your house, just as prints, put them in a frame (in your preferred size) or even make a collage. Whichever, this is a wonderful gift to yourself and to a loved one. Give yourself some well-deserved love. These can be printed or sent as an email. They are a great way to inspire love.

Surround a room with inspiring love heart

Here you could print your own and write a message on each one.

Or you could draw some love hearts on coloured paper, write a message & cut them out.

If you are pushed for time, then you can buy something similar. Remember, you can surround the room with love notes to yourself; self-love is the way forward. Give yourself some self-love and you will soon receive it from others.

Amazon have these lovely origami rose pink hearts each one presenting a love quote.

Valentine Voucher / Coupons

I love quirky gifts (and remember they could be a gift to yourself), a voucher entitling you to a nice warm bath, a movie night or a massage … you can make your own or download some printables, there’s plenty of free coupon /vouchers ideas on Pinterest.

Valentine Sweets

There are companies that will design you a box of glorious sweets, or you could get creative and design your own. Again, for yourself or a loved one, there’s nothing wrong with showing yourself some appreciation with a treat to yourself. 

Whether it’s chocolate or candy, putting them together in a creative way is a great way to show the love.

I’ve seen some wonderful designs from people making their own poem with chocolate bars.

You can see more ideas here.

A Love Letter / Gratitude Poster

Expressing your feeling of love can be an awesome feeling, for yourself and for the person receiving them. So, if you were to write a letter of love to yourself … ‘win-win’ … but if you do have a special someone in your life, writing down all the things you love about them, is actually a therapy in itself.

If you don’t particularly like using words, creating a picture of your feelings can help. Look through the internet, print off photos or cut out some pictures from magazines.

If you have kids this is a great thing to do together. You can show them how much you appreciate them & vice versa. It’s a great exercise to show children love & gratitude.

You can visit my online printables shop for wonderful posters.

Cook a Meal / Bake

Seems like such a simple idea, and you may be thinking, ‘but I cook most nights!’ But find a recipe that is different from your norm. If you are not the most confident cook, even cutting a pizza into a love heart can be extremely romantic.

Get adventurous with some homemade heart cookies … if all else fails, then buy some.

Light some candles, decorate the table with love hearts and confetti … in less than a minute you can have a cosy restaurant setting.

Get Creative

This can be as simple as designing your own card. Your own efforts can go a long way in showing how much you care. If you’re not the most crafty of people, there are plenty of sites that can help you create a personalised card, but my favourite has to be moonpig.

You could print out lots of photos and make a scrapbook. If you’re single, you could find your favourite photos of yourself, with family and friends and bring them together into a collage of memories.

Pamper Session

This could be as simple as having a bath with bubbles & candles. If you feel you could do with further pampering, book in for a massage (either on your own or as a couple), if you truly want to indulge (and why the hell not!), book a spa day! 

There are some great deals available, companies such as Groupon, do some fantastic spa deals.

Go for a Walk

This is an amazing way to clear the cobwebs! You can either go exploring in the hills, beach or villages. Explore where you live. Every place has hidden treasures, find them and visit them. This is a fantastic activity to do on your own, or with a loved one. 

It’s one of my favourite ‘things to do’; it refreshes, re-boosts and re-energises. Perfect for self-love, friendship-love and couple-love.

Go for a Drive

Again, this is an amazing way to explore different places. Visit places you’ve not seen before. Set yourself the task of driving for an hour or so, but plan out your route and try to take a countryside scenic route. If this isn’t possible then appreciate the drive you can take … explore the houses, the buildings, the paths, the roads … there is beauty everywhere we look.

This is a great thing to do if you are feeling ‘out-of-sync’ with where you live … drive around your area, drive out of the area, focus on the positive parts of where you live. This has such a great ‘feel-good’ factor and is a fun activity to do.

Whatever you decide to do for yourself or a loved one, just ensure you have fun!