The Story Explorers Club’s

Online Launch Schedule

2nd Oct – 4th Oct 2015


6.00pm – Welcome 🙂

6.30pm – You’ll be able to view the online Catalogue. This will allow you to view at your own leisure throughout the weekend.

7.00pm – Why have I set-up ‘The Book Explorer Club’?

7.30pm – Competition Time! Who can come up with the best name for ‘That’s Not My ….’ This will end next weekend! Get your thinking caps on!

8.00pm – New titles for October

8.30pm – Reading to your child at bedtime, plus Usborne’s Range of Bedtime Stories & Special Offers


8.00am – Get that weekend lie-in with Usborne’s activity books!

8.30am – Can babies only see in black and white? Books to stimulate your baby!

9.00am – Why you should choose Usborne Books!

9.30am – Usborne’s Reading Programme

10.00am – Squares competition – Enter for £1. Drawn at 6pm tomorrow. The winner to spend the funds on Usborne Books!

10.05am – Technology prevailing … you’ll be able to download some colouring activities for your kids. Print them off, colour them in, take a photo and send them to me with their name and age. Their picture will be posted on the event page. Each child will receive a certificate by email.

10.05-6PM BREAK! Don’t worry I’ll be back! But I think we all know how busy Saturday’s can be, so … I’ll leave you to browse through your catalogue, the blog posts and give your children chance to do some colouring in! You can still send me a message if you want to enter ‘That’s Not My …’ or pick a number! Or ask me a question about the books!

6.00pm – Spot the Duck Competition

6.30pm – One of my favourite Usborne Collections – The interactive books!

7.00pm – Foreign Languages

7.30pm – Creative Writing – Help your child write their own story

8.00pm – Young Adult Fiction

8.30pm – Growing up books


10.00am – Yes, Sunday morning will be starting with Christmas! Usborne’s colouring advent calendar and other advent calendar ideas!

11.00am – Pop up colour-in Christmas cards, we will also look at the birthday colour-in cards.

12.00pm – Christmas books for babies

1.00pm – I know, it’s only October, so I won’t bombard you too much with Christmas. So, we’ll be taking a look at another of my favourites from the Usborne Collection – Look Inside books

2.00pm – Sunday afternoon hobbies – Crafts / Baking / Sports … so much choice!

3.00pm – The Usborne’s awesome slot together collections – make your own house or castle!

4.00pm – Nursery Rhymes / Music – special offers!

5.00pm – Usborne collection of books with CDs

6.00pm – Fairy Tales – Special offers on book sets

7.30 pm – Fancy becoming an Usborne organiser?

8.00pm – Fancy hosting a party?

8.30pm – Are you a teacher or do you know someone who works in a school/nursery or someone who works with children and would like some FREE books? I can help!