I thought ‘Quotes’ was the perfect word for this week’s blog. If you’ve been reading my blog posts, or you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that I absolutely love inspirational quotes. I could sit and read them all day long, in fact, I’ve done just that when I’ve been putting together my annual inspirational books and making sure the quotes fit for that given theme.

But today I thought I’d let loose a little and give you some of my favourites … the first three quotes I have situated on the walls in my home.

to love & to help

Credit: Pintrest

And here’s a few more of my favourites, hopefully you’ll find them helpful and be able to relate to them.

single step

Credit: IMP Fashion

dance in the rain

Credit: Pintrest

reasons to smile

Credit: Fun Mozar

I love so many more but I thought these few would help you have a think about how they can relate to you!

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Thank you as always for visiting, wishing you lots of love.