Can I ask a personal question? Which pants are you usually wearing?
Your Positive Pants? Your Pessimistic Pants? Or even, Your Negative Knickers?
Don’t worry, life can be an emotional rollercoaster, but choosing Positive Pants can make the journey much smoother!

You may be thinking, my ‘Positive Pants? 🧐 This girl is crazy !?!’

I don’t mean physically. You hopefully understand I don’t mean your actual pants. I mean …

Your awareness pants!

My, what now? 

You know, your awareness pants: your observation pants, your perception pants, your recognition pants!

Ok, before you stop reading and thinking, ‘What the hell is she talking about …’

I’m talking about the meme:

21 days of putting on your positivity pants

I love this quote, so much so, I wrote a book about this subject, ’21 Days of Putting On Your Positivity Pants’ and also set-up a Facebook group to encourage the wearing of such wonderful pants.

Life’s rollercoaster can be testing for many people. Even the most positive of people, (Ahum! Me 🙋🏼‍♀️) have had a few moments of wanting to leave those positive pants in the drawer. Life is a rollercoaster of emotions, with events, circumstances, situations, all affecting what mood we are in. However, I have strived to pick out the best and most wonderful positivity pants needed for that day!

Whether that be my ‘gratitude pants’, my ‘visualisation pants’ or my ‘purpose with passion pants’ … actually the last pair of pants are my most favourite. I love working on my business and helping others see their vision and purpose!

But let’s talk about you!

Sometimes, we have to look at life and take it for what it is. Often we can’t change circumstances or situations, so we have to accept them for what they are and work with or around them. This is easier said than done! It can take a lot of work to shift your mindset to wearing positive pants only. In this post, I’m hoping I can help you a little by sharing an extract from the first 10 days of the ’21 days of putting on your positivity pants’ book. 

Why 21 days you may be thinking? Well, here’s a little extract from the introduction of the book to help get you started on your positive pants journey!

extract from positivity pants book

So, with the above in mind, if you’d like to be set task for 21 days, each day focusing on a different pair pf positive pants, 

you can purchase ’21 Days of Putting on Your Positivity Pants’ here.

Gratitude in Positive Pants

Extract; In my younger days, before I discovered the Law of Attraction and qualified as a practitioner, I had a very negative mindset. Nothing ever went my way. Everything was a hassle. I hated my job. I was always seeking more … and guess what, all I attracted to me was more misery. I constantly whinged about what was NOT right in my life. If someone had said to me, ‘Think of all the things you have to be grateful for,’ I’d have laughed and said, ‘Like what?’ I was too focused on what other people had, focused on where I wanted to be in life, focused on everything being hard work … and guess what … yes, you’ve guessed it, IT WAS!

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Non-judgy Pants from Positive Pants Book

Extract; Don’t think of this as an option: this is a must. This is something that HAS to be done. Think of it as a doctor’s appointment, a work meeting, a parent’s evening … something that you wouldn’t cancel. This de-cluttering is a job that needs doing.

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Extract; Think of someone you judge: it could be that you don’t agree with their actions, you don’t like a particular behaviour, it could even come down to judging their clothes … STOP! Stop with the judgy pants. You could be thinking, ‘How?’ They annoy me: they’ve hurt me, they’ve made me angry etc. The best way to put your judgy pants in the bin and replace them with non- judgy pants is to write down everything you LOVE about this person.

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Extract; Yesterday we talked about putting on our non-judgy pants, so it seems natural to follow that with putting on our forgiveness pants on. The only person who gets hurt when it comes to forgiveness is the person unwilling to forgive. Bitterness eats away at a person’s soul and this is unhealthy for the mind and body.

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Kindness always rules

Extract; Sometimes, it’s not that we are unkind, it’s that we forget to be kind. We become wrapped up in our lives, we forget to put on our positivity pants and we forget to spread the love. Often, when we are out and about, in a world of our own; to-do lists, schedules, what should we have for dinner, which child needs what for school, etc.

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Generous Quotes

Extract; Everything is interlinked; when you have those positive pants on, your vibrations are high, so you’ll want to spread the love. All of this will come together and you will find yourself wanting to give.

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Positive Words

Extract; If you don’t work in that type of environment, don’t be afraid to shout out those positive words when you’re alone. The universe is listening and wants to encourage you to keep those positive pants on. So just let go and release all those pent-up positive words.

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Resisting the Ego

Extract; Today, we are talking about that little voice in your head; the little voice, that appears on a morning, which can automatically send you into ‘mood-hoover’ mode. It sounds something like this …

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Love and believe in yourself

Extract; To believe in yourself, you have to be fully aware of your consciousness and not listen to any doubts. Just like we talked about yesterday, it’s about ignoring that little negative voice. Resisting the ego. People who have faith in their ability are the ones who are making a difference in the world. This doesn’t mean they haven’t doubted themselves, but they refuse to let that little voice influence them.

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No guilt and barriers

Extract; Putting your own needs first is something we don’t often do. But to lead a happier life sometimes we have to put on those no-guilt positive pants and give ourselves some loving. You’ll hopefully see by now, that gratitude, sending love, not judging yourself or others will make you feel lighter.

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So there you have it … a small intro into the positive pants drawer.

Leave those negative knickers alone and choose the best pair of positive pants you can find.

Imagine you are physically wearing these pants. Watch it bring a smile to your face as you bounce out of bed, smile at people and attract positivity to you. 

This a fun way to bring joy and happiness into your life.