Let’s start today’s blog post by asking you a few questions:

How much ownership are you taking of your life?

Do you blame others? Are you in control of your life?

Are you happy in life where you are? Do you want more from life?

You do realise it’s only you that can make those changes … no-one else but you …

Take ownership of your life today my-quote-2-ownership

Do you feel a bit lost though? Not sure how to start taking ownership of your life when there’s so much hustle and bustle … life is busy and that’s why we have to take control and make sure we’re living the life we deserve .

To help you on your ownership path, I’ve put together a 5-Step Plan that will definitely help you on your way to owning your life.


1/ Do something for at least 30 minutes a day (preferably an hour if you can) that is for you, i.e. Develop a passion, read, exercise, take a walk, bake – anything that makes you feel like you are looking after yourself.

2/ Start writing a journal. I’m a huge advocate for therapeutic writing. It was something I learned when studying for my MA in Creative Writing, and realised I’d actually been doing this all my life. Even when I’m writing fiction I’m expressing something inside of me (which you’ll find with most writers). But when you start journalling you’ll allow a release of any pent-up negativity. Write down the things that have made you sad or angry and why you feel that way. By writing this down it allows you to reflective on these negative emotions, don’t dwell on them … release them. It will also allow you reflect back in weeks, months and years to come as you move yourself forward and take ownership of your life. It is also essential to write down the good things that have happened in your day too … see next step as to why the good things matter, more so than the bad things.

3/ Once you start writing down the good things in your life you can start to appreciate what you have around you and within you. Start writing down 5 things you are grateful for every day and watch how you’ll find more things to be grateful for. You bring to your life what you focus on, so although it’s good to write down the negativity you are feeling, this is a way of release, focuses on the good in your life will bring you more good. It’s the basic LAw of Attraction and is easier said than done, but once you start writing down those thoughts you’ll see the magic happen.

4/ Write a plan about where you would like to be this time next year – put together a 12 month schedule. Write what you would like to achieve in each month. At the end of each month review … you will move forward so much faster if you have a plan.

5/ Read something spiritual or inspirational for 30 minutes every day. This is best either first thing on a morning or last thing at night.

 You deserve to get the best out of life, so go and get it 🙂


Thank you as always for visiting, wishing you lots of love.