You may have heard 101 quotes about taking the opportunities that are presented to you. I’ve included a few in this blog post. You may feel they are cliche … However, if you are to look throughout your life and think about the coincidences, the decisions, the circumstances or situations that may have been put upon you, you could easily understand how certain opportunities may have arisen from these life events.

Does make much sense to you at the moment?

Maybe not? But often an opportunity will arise when we need it. Sometimes we don’t see opportunities as the opportunities that they are, sometimes we see them as a hindrance. If your gut is telling you that’s not your path, that is fine, you know in your heart your purpose. Sometimes opportunities are presented so we can see what we ‘don’t’ want. If we’re thinking about what we ‘don’t’ want, we are attracting this to us, however, this is a great way to self-analyse and channel your thoughts into what you do want, so the universe can present you with sought-after opportunities. Even if this opportunity is presented as a difficulty, be the person who wants to make a change in your life and grab it with both hands, as a difficulty and a challenge could lead you to the wonderful life you deserve.

Opportunities are often a test of commitment

If opportunities do arise it means we have to think. We have to truly think about what we want. I truly believe opportunities will arise to test you, this isn’t the Universe or the angels playing games, this is simply them guiding you to your purpose. So if an opportunity arises and you feel it is not right for you, it probably isn’t. However, there will be opportunities that you may have passed quickly and decided they weren’t for you, when in fact they may have guided you down the right path. Do not despair … these opportunities will come round again in a different form. Another gateway, another avenue … you have a purpose, it needs fulfilling, you will be guided down this route until you believe it. You must believe it.

Believing in yourself, your purpose, your reason for being … opportunities will be gifted to you. So don’t dismiss an opportunity because it doesn’t look like something you want, it could easily be an avenue into something that you do want. So look closely and make it work for you.

In this week’s therapeutic writing exercise think about opportunities you wish to arise in the future.

Here, I could have asked you to look at opportunities that you have missed that you wished you hadn’t, however, this focuses on the negative. It is hard to turn that missed opportunity into a positive, because it may not come around again in the same form. It will come back around again, if it’s meant to be, just on a different path, in a different way. So this week, ask yourself if you could have an opportunity to arise, what would it be?

Write it down …

Now write about the positive impact this opportunity would have on your life. Keep writing until you feel the desire for this opportunity so bad, you will make the universe create it for you … the universe is listening … it is ready to deliver when you are ready to receive.

Online opportunity quote downloads to surround yourself with positivity

Remember: Positive messages throughout the day, helps the negative thoughts stay away.