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How are you feeling on this glorious Monday?

Do you feel as if you need a huge change? Are you happy with where you are in your life?

How open are you to change? How open are you to opportunities?

How open is your mind at this moment in time?

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It’s so easy to become stuck in a routine, every day passing us by, life passing us by. Even if we want to change we don’t know how, or we’re so use to the comfortable routine we’ve created that we’re scared of changing it.

But the only way to make changes in our lives is to have an open mind. Be open to new opportunities. Don’t dismiss ideas or chances because you feel it doesn’t fit with your current way of thinking.

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The only way we can move forward in life is to open our eyes, open our minds and open our hearts.

Once your mind is open, the world is full of possibilities.

 Not sure how to open your mind?

There’s a great exercise by wikihow – you can see it here

There’s a few videos on you tube – take a look here

This may not happen overnight, but once you’ve decided to have an open mind, you’re already more than halfway there.

Life becomes so much more exciting when your mind is open.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:

Think about a situation that left you feeling as if it was a black and white situation. Something that happened to yourself, or maybe it happened to someone else.

Think of the people in the situation. Pretend they are characters in a book – you can give them different names if you prefer – write down what you feel each character was feeling about this situation. A paragraph about their feelings, if they did something (that maybe you don’t agree with) ask yourself why you think they did it. If it help,s re-write a conversation between the people, or enhance a conversation you think may have happened. This type of therapeutic writing is excellent for understanding a situation better. To take your own emotions out of it and think about others, no matter how much it hurts. This isn’t saying, ‘Let people treat you badly,’ but does allow you to understand and in some cases forgive. Forgiving doesn’t mean letting people back into your life that have hurt you, but to forgive gives you peace.

This exercise should last as long as you need it too. Write down as much as you can to enable you to open your mind a little bit further than it might. As I said, this may not happen overnight, but this is a great place to start.


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Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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