Last week we talked about the mind and how it can convince us that we are not worthy, so I thought nourish was a great word to follow with this week because if we nourish our mind, we inevitably nourish our body and soul.

Even simply by reading these blog posts, you are nourishing your mind, because you are looking to improve your outlook on life. This is an amazing nourishment for the mind because you want to grow and learn. Sometimes, we are hit with hard times, there are situations and circumstances we can’t do anything about, but if our minds are nourished we can deal with these upheavals better.

Don’t wait, start nourishing now

You could be dealing with some heavy stuff at the moment, you may be struggling to see the wood for the trees, you may feel as if life is against you. You may feel it’s too late to start nourishing your mind because you’re already in the midst of some life chaos … it’s never too late. The best time to start nourishing your mind, body and soul is now! Most definitely if you’re in the middle of one of life’s rollercoaster moments. Nourishing yourself will help you deal with any situation much better.

So, how do we keep our minds nourished?

There are wonderful techniques, such as the therapeutic writing that I encourage on my blog, meditation or exercise that involves mindfulness like yoga, pilates or walking. There are many ways to keep our minds nourished and healthy. However, maybe you feel you can’t do some of the techniques daily. If you can exercise daily that is great. You are well on your way to having a healthy nourished mind.

Find what you love

Personally, I love walking in the hills, but this is something that I only do once a month because it takes a full day to thoroughly enjoy the scenery and really breathe in the experience. I love writing my blog posts which I do weekly, plus, I love writing fiction which again I try to do as often as I can. But when it comes to running my own business, I have to make sure accounts etc. are kept in order, this for me isn’t very nourishing of the mind, for some people, it might be; figures and numbers might be your thing. If it is your thing, then follow it with your heart, as this is your purpose. Taking a step back to understand what makes you tick is a great way to understand how you can nourish your mind.

Be grateful for the things that do nourish your soul

It doesn’t mean that I stop the parts of my business that don’t nourish my mind, it just means I continue to enjoy the parts of my business and life that do nourish my mind. That’s the key, we can’t stop all the things in life that don’t make our soul tick, but what we can do is be grateful for the things that do make our soul tick. We have dreams that need fulfilling, passions that drive us forward, these need nourishment … if we don’t nourish our dreams and our purpose, our minds become under-nourished. Keep your mind healthy and the rest will follow.

In this week’s therapeutic writing exercise think about what does make you tick;

What makes you excited? Think about something other than sleep, resting, watching TV etc. something that really gives you a sense of belonging.

Imagine you are at your most peaceful, where, who, how, what … does this involve? Write until your hand hurts. Really delve deep into this one guys … really give your heart, mind and soul the nourishing it needs.

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Remember: Positive messages throughout the day, helps the negative thoughts stay away.