Yes, three words this week, but three of the most important words you’ll ever need to hear … there are others such as,

‘I love you …’  however, Never Give Up, is right up there on the top of my list.

I’m keeping this blog post, short and sweet, because there’s only so many times you can say …

In the words of Winston Churchill,


never give up

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There are times when you feel your dream is too far away, or your goals feel like they are at such a stretch it’s never going to happen. But once you give up, you’ll never know how close you were. There’s so much hard work goes into achieving our goals that sometimes we feel the need to stop … now stopping for a while can be a good thing. To reassess, reevaluate where you are … but you must start back up again, don’t just give up!

You’re on your journey for a reason, if you want it bad enough then keep going until you have it.

The alternative to never giving up, is living a life of , ‘what ifs’.

Why would anyone want to live with that?


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