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Well for those of you who have children, you’ll be in the midst of the summer holidays … how are you feeling?

On the first day, I turned to the wine! As did many other parents I know, but luckily things have got much better since then. In fact, I can’t believe they have been off over a week already. However, although I’m enjoying my time with them, and extremely grateful I can spend the holidays with them, I’m struggling to get any writing done, including my blog (which I love doing!) I’m also working on building my online wedding boutique, so I have been very busy focusing on this every evening (when I can finally get the girls in bed).

So today, instead of writing a blog about what is going on in my world, as I said I love writing my blog but I also like reading blogs too, I thought I’d share with you some of the blogs I love … hopefully you might find them interesting too: – Dawn Crooks is a fab book reviewer. Some excellent books if you need a summer read. – Shaz Goodwin is a fab book reviewer and organiser of book tours. – You can find a range of fab blogs on here. I love  ‘a beautiful mess’ which is the guys who set-up bloglovin. I have a daily email come through,  and everyday I find something I really want to read – from cooking to decorating, they are full of ideas.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the holidays and hope we can continue to have some great weather.

Happy reading xx