saying thank you

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On Saturday I received a lovely card from a lovely friend who was thanking me for being so positive and supportive. I was really overwhelmed as I didn’t even realise I had helped this friend so much. She’s going through a particularly hard time at the moment, but I know she has the strength to pull through it. I also know she has so much potential and sometimes when we are going through these complicated times we forget to believe in ourselves.

So why am I telling you this? To boast that I’m an amazingly supportive person 😉 Because I’m not sure that’s even true. I do give as much love, help and support to my friends as I can possibly give. But with this particular friend all my support has been through text messages! Yes, I hear you say. How on earth have you been there for her? Which has been my thinking! But we all lead very busy lives and it’s hard to squeeze everyone in. It’s hard to be there for everyone and take care of yourself and your family. But I realised when I received this card that my friend knew I was thinking about her, that she knew I wanted her to stay strong and get through this difficult time. I text her every day or every other day, and give the advice I think she needs to hear. Sometimes I think I’m a bit harsh … not in a nasty way (well, I hope not!) but I know what her dreams are, and I know that she will reach these dreams. I just want to encourage her to keep believing in herself and get through this messy patch.

So again, have I written this blog post just to boast? Of course not, (well maybe a little 😉 as it was a lovely gesture that made me feel all warm inside), I wanted you to think about people who are there for you. Who supports, encourages or helps you? Even from afar. Now think about sending them a little card to brighten their day. A thank you can go such a long way. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my friend, as her card meant so much. I totally didn’t expect it and I don’t send her messages because I want her thanks, I send her messages because I care. Just like those who are supporting you, they care, they don’t expect your thanks. But I can’t say enough how lovely it was to open that card. Being a huge believer in the Law of Attraction, gratitude is definitely the way forward! (You can read my post here about gratitude).

What about those around you who could do with a little support? How about a little text to see how they are doing? Show them you are thinking about them. Everyone needs some loving … EVERYONE!

So do it now, send a text to someone who you feel needs a bit of support at the moment. Someone who is finding this beautiful world a dark place to be. Take five minutes out of your busy life and think about someone else.

The quote I have on my bathroom wall:

After the verb ‘to love’,

‘to help’ is the most beautiful verb in the world

Have an amazing day


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