I have such a busy and active mind, to a point where unless I have my to-do list, shopping list and random other lists it doesn’t get done.

So when the idea of meditation came up I really loved the thought of this relaxing technique, but really didn’t think I could quieten my mind. I really thought there is no way in this world, I can think about nothing!

How wrong could I be?

If you’ve not tried meditating, if you’re one of those people, like me, who would swear blind it’s just not going to happen. Think again!

Because it’s not about thinking about ‘nothing’, it’s about looking within and finding your inner peace.

meditation 1

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I first experienced meditation in a class environment, it was lovely and I felt so refreshed and renewed for days after. However, I then discovered meditation apps; Headspace and Calm. Both are amazing for really chilling the mind.

By focusing on your breathing, it’s amazing how even those with busy minds can actually distract away from the active overload of thinking about too much. The best part is, the usual busy mind becomes more focused.

conscious than ever

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It’s the strangest but most loveliest feeling to feel at one with your body.

I love this article by Zen Habits, which tells us,

‘Beginners must understand that meditation is an ACTIVE process.

The art of focusing your attention to a single point is hard work, and you have to be purposefully engaged!’

So for those who like hard work and a challenge, meditation is definitely for you …

So whether you’re too busy or too skeptical, mediation is a must for you all.

And as a final thought of the week …

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