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You may be thinking this is quite an obvious word this week, but you’d be amazed at how many people miss the opportunity to show love.

Ask yourself, how many times in a day do you show love?

When I first heard about the Law of Attraction, it was the love element that struck me first. ‘The Secret‘ came into my life when I needed it, when life seemed to be throwing challenge after challenge at me. Life can still do that sometimes, however, the way I deal with it is so much different now to then. Back then I was angry and upset. I didn’t understand why all these things were happening to me … ‘Why me???’ Trust me there are many people who think like this … in fact the majority of people think like this!

However, when I changed my feelings around, turned anger into love and looked outside of myself and my own world, good things started to happen. It’s not only about the words that are spoken, it’s about the actions that are taken, the thoughts that move in and out of our minds constantly.


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Now, don’t get me wrong, it took effort to turn my thoughts around, it was a real effort in what seemed like utter darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel. But sure enough that light came, not just a dribble of light, not just a small glow, it was a whole load of party lights, fireworks and more!

It becomes an addiction sending out love to people. A good addiction. It’s one of the reasons I qualified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner, because I wanted to teach others have marvellous it actually is. The more love you give out there, the more you receive back.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise involves looking at how much love you give:

  • Start out by writing down what loving things you did last week.
  • Write down the loving things you think you could have improved on: was there an argument with a loved one? Could you have expressed a loving word instead of a negative? Or, could you have kept quiet in a certain situation?
  • Have a freestyle writing session expressing what makes you feel loved.
  • Take these points and look at how you can express them to a loved one. Even if you feel you are not getting the love you would like, it doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t love you, people express things in different ways. So make it your mission to express love in the way that you want love to be expressed to you.

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So make it your mission this week to send out as much love as you can.


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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