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Kindness is something that should become part of your life.


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True pure kindness is the one characteristic that integrates a whole range of benefits without even thinking about it … from gratitude, appreciation, happiness, love … Being kind to someone can benefit you just as much as it benefits them.

Did you realise there is scientific research that shows being kind can make you and those around you happy?

You can see the range of research here at Think Kindness


Here’s the thing, it doesn’t actually cost anything to be kind! From a smile in the street, to letting someone in front of you in a queue or giving up your seat on the bus. Simple but effective acts of kindness that will be integrated into your life and make you a happier person.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise will allow you to express your kindness: 

  • Write down a few sentences about what you think kindness is.
  • Is there anyone you know who you feel is exceptionally kind?
  • Do you feel you could improve your kindness in any way? If so, write these down.
  • Make a plan for this week … do something daily that will allow you to perform a kind act.
  • At the end of each day, write down how doing this kind act made you feel.
  • Take in those wonderful feelings and think about how you can instil this into your daily life.

If you’re struggling on how to express more kindness, here’s five top tips to give your kindness a boost:

  1. Ask yourself which friend could do with your help? Even a simple text to ask how they are doing can truly lift their day.
  2. Do you have lots of clothes hanging in your wardrobe that need to be cleared out? Do it now! Donate to charity! In fact go that one step further and give away an item that you love!!
  3. When you’re out and about today, compliment someone … never underestimate how much they will need it.
  4. Hide notes of encouragement to your spouse, partner, family member, children, friend … whoever in your life needs it, or doesn’t need it, but you want to show them how much you care.
  5. Visit someone who needs company; care homes and hospitals are the perfect place to spread kindness, you’ll be amazed at how many people don’t have visitors, so make the difference in their lives.

These five ideas are just the tip of the kindness boat … if you’re interested in filling your kindness bank, here’s a few more websites that will encourage you to do just that:

30 ways to be kinder and happier at Lifehack

10 Powerful ways to be kind

100 Ways to Be Kinder

So there you have it, there’s more than enough reasons to get out there and be the kindness person. Not only does it benefit the person in question, but it benefits you too. If you read my blog posts regularly, you’ll know that we have certain house rules in our home, and one of them is as follows:


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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