Karma … another of my favourite words!

What you give out … you get back. Simple!

Yes, it really is that simple! Once you realise this, you will reap the rewards of an amazing life.

My motto in life is to, ‘Spread and send the love’. My daughters have this motto instilled in their way of life, to a point that even their friends repeat it … At the ages of 11 and 9 years old, they tell people to, ‘Send the love’. Admittedly sometimes they struggle with the concept as they are learning about life and people, but we talk through situations and circumstances to allow them to understand that they can’t change the behaviour of others, they can only choose their own behaviour. They can only choose their own reaction.

This is the thing with karma …

… many people think it is a punishment or reward, but it is simply a reflection of the life the person is living. Choose happy, loving actions and karma will reflect back a happy, loving life. Just like the ‘Law of Attraction’ – what you put out there, you get back. Karma talks more about your actions, where the Law of Attraction relates to not just actions but to your thoughts too.

Let karma do its work 



We can’t change someone else’s behaviour, so if they hurt us that is their doing and that will be reflected back to them, it’s not our place to reflect it back to them, how we react to that hurt will be reflected back to us. If you seek to spread love rather than cause disruptions in the lives of others, then you will receive that love back. People in your life who do not serve your loving purpose will dwindle away because they are not serving you or your purpose. Unless of course, you keep attracting them back to you! If this is the case, ask yourself why? It could be they need you to show them your loving ways.

Don’t judge

image 2 We say simple things such as, ‘What you put out there, you get back.’ But when we really look into our life, we don’t understand some behaviours of others, so we judge them … this judging leads to negative thoughts … these negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes. It’s like a little circle that keeps turning. But it is very simple, you just have to believe and live your life with love. Live your life happily, not judging others, letting people live the life they want, while you live the life you want.

How do you treat others?

Think about how you treat people and see how you feel people treat you. Sometimes it’s hard to analyse ourselves. We can be very judgemental of ourselves but then we can display behaviours that we don’t even realise we possess. Maybe watch the behaviour of others, you may not see some of the karmic energy working in the background, but it will be there. When you start to see these energies working, you will soon get a buzz from being the loving, non-judgemental person you were put here to be.

People are in our lives for a reason

Now, don’t get me wrong, some people are mood-hoovers, miserable, complainers … there are people out there who like to see others suffer, who relish in the joy of upsetting others or the failures of others, awful, I know! But sadly, true. I like to think of these people being in our life for a reason; a lesson to learn. We need to rise above their negativity and spread out our own positive thoughts and beliefs. Once you stop reacting negatively towards others, even when you are faced with negative people, you will start to attract more positive people into your life. It’s like a little chain reaction. So be joyful and happy for others. Be the person who wants peace in the world. Carry your pure heart and soul and watch karma work for you, not against you.

 In this week’s therapeutic exercise think about the actions you have taken this week, free writing style;

Write about the actions you have taken and how you think these actions have influenced your life?

What has happened recently in your life that you feel you may have influenced by Karma?

What could you change in your life, so that Karma reflects good intentions back to you?

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Remember: Positive messages throughout the day, helps the negative thoughts stay away.