Are you a creative soul who is turned off by the term ‘SMART GOALS’?

ME TOO! Well, I use to be until I made them work for my spiritual creative soul!

I explain in my freebie ‘journal with intention’, about when I first came across ‘SMART GOALS’ I was in the corporate world and I’ll be honest, I didn’t take to them very well. I thought of them as stuffy, and quite stressful because they have this ‘time’ element within them, and I like to live in my ‘flow’!

But, I’ll admit, by making SMART GOALS work for me, I soon discovered, they helped me to achieve my goals so much more easily. What also worked is changing the term ‘goal’ to ‘intention’. When I’m being ‘intentional’ I feel more productive than ‘goal-orientated’. Yes, it’s the same thing, but it’s amazing how our minds flow with what works for us. Everyone is different. You have to do what is right for you.

Now, I’ve always journaled, that’s what I do, as a best-selling women’s fiction author, some of the content, for my books, came from my own journals. My fiction books allowed me to delve into real-life scenarios and bring them to life with characters and a dramatic plot that other women could relate to. I could go back over journals to remember situations and circumstances etc. You’ll find most writers like to keep a journal or started out using a journal. I’ve been using a journal since I could write, more than just a ‘diary’ but a deep connection with my soul. I was expressing emotions, thoughts, feeling etc. before I even knew journaling was ‘a thing’. However, it was only when I discovered the Law of Attraction and, became so obsessed with it that, I qualified as a practitioner, that I bought the two together to enhance my own life.

And this is where SMART GOALS come into play!

Forbes, even states, how it is possible to journal your goals. In fact, it is much more likely to help achieve them!

Forbes says: ‘… a study at Dominican University found that 43% of people who wrote down their goals achieved them …’

Forbes also goes on to say ‘…doing freewriting and other creative writing exercises can enable you to get to the heart of what’s really stopping you from moving forward …’

And finishing with ‘… Journaling enables you to work through, what you need to, in order to be a shining star in the world’

Read more of the article here

As I mentioned I’m a creative spiritual soul who lives in her flow, and hates ‘measuring’ but using my own love of journaling, I’ve attracted love, happiness and success to me through journaling and cementing my goals with the Universe.

The Universe has your back.

Sometimes we feel chaotic, unsure which path to take, we can spend years trying to figure it out, when if we simply took some time to journal about our feelings, we can then put an action plan in place and make it happen.

Still unsure, come over to my freebies page, I’m sure you’ll find something you will find extremely useful.

Sending you, love, laughter & positivity

Vic xxx