I have a friend whose personal car registration reads ‘JOY’. It describes her positive, influential thinking in so many ways. Every time I see her and I see her number plate, I have a little light that goes on inside. I absolutely love it.

Whereas one of my favourite inspiring words is ‘Love’ her favourite is Joy. She totally believes that once you feel your joy, life is just one happy playing field. And since meeting her, on our MA in Creative Writing, I totally agree.

But joy doesn’t come from material things or possessions, it doesn’t come from wanting a better life, or wanting more. It comes from within. Joy comes from finding that inner quality that makes you see the world through different eyes. It doesn’t look at what you don’t have … it comes from looking at what you do have and being grateful for simply being.

 To find your joy, you need to look deep within yourself and understand that whatever is happening there’s a happiness waiting for you to take hold and grasp it with all you have.

Depending what energy level you’re on at the moment, you may find this an easy task, however, if you’re not quite there, if you’re struggling to find your joy, this will be a very good task for you.


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If you read the above quote, truly grasp it, truly think about it. It’s your response to your world that makes you joyful. It’s your response to your world that can make you miserable!

This week write down all the things in your life that make you smile. List them daily. Study them daily. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to think outside of our surroundings, look at the opportunities we have in life and be grateful for what we have. Seeking the next best thing, under the laws of attraction will only move them further away. Feeling gratitude and experiencing joy will bring you more joy!

It’s truly amazing what you can find within you once you find your joy! It’s truly amazing how life can be turned around by experiencing your joy and turning away from the negative.


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 As always, here’s a few more quotes for you to think about …


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choose joy

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So it’s as simple … and as difficult … as that! Choose for it to be simple. Choose to simply feel your joy. Choose to be grateful. As the more unhappy you are, the more unhappiness comes your way. Simply be!

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