Heather, it’s lovely to chat, tell us what do you do?

I empower inspired multi-passionate entrepreneurs to earn more while working less, even if they’ve been told to focus on one thing, using a customized 90-day blueprint for career fulfilment.

Wow, that sounds awesome, who doesn’t wasn’t that?

Tell us a bit more about you …

Well, I am a Capricorn, type A, pure generator in Human Design, AND I have ADHD. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, all of this makes much more sense to me as I’ve grown and I’m continuing to learn more.

I always thought there was something wrong with me because I wanted to do every single thing in the world.  I’ll literally drive-by, say, a construction site and look at the buildings and be like, “I could do that.” Almost every job or career I’ve seen I’m always curious about it. I think that’s why I’ve actually done so many different things. I want to prove to myself that I can master any skill. It’s weird.  

So, have you tried many careers?

Yes. Many. It was hard after high school because my parents wanted me to go to college, get a job, get married, you know, (like everyone else), and I didn’t want to. But I graduated from University, from undergrad, and decided to just go and play. Spend money that I didn’t have and make bad decisions.

While I was goofing off, I met my husband. We both worked in the hospitality industry, waiting tables & bartending … and we kept that up for a few years. All of our friends were getting married and having kids but we decided to move to California from the East Coast, on a whim. After 2 yrs in California, we eloped to Vegas to get married. We didn’t feel like having our families make a fuss, and it was just easier.

Sounds fun …

It was, but I did end up getting a couple of good careers from the move to California, and I made a lot of money. I’ve always been in sales of some sort, and this led to me starting a couple of businesses. So California is when I started making a lot of money and getting a taste of the kind of life that I always wanted.

In 2011, I got pregnant with our first child and we decided to move back to the East Coast, since our families are there and we wanted some help with the baby. When we got back East, I got back into sales for a while, but had a hard time building up the clientele that I was used to in California. Having no stability, I decided to start teaching. My mom and aunt were both teachers, so I felt like it was kind of expected that I follow. So of course I wanted to try it!

Did you enjoy teaching?

Well, one of the reasons I started teaching was so I’d have more time with my son and I’d have summers off, but that turned out to not be the case at all. I ended up working more. I got a Masters in Education and proceeded to teach for a total of 7 yrs. Along the way, we had our second child, now 5. This was the point where things started to really shift. 

As a new mom again, I had no time at all to spend with the baby, and my nights and weekends were taken up planning lessons and grading papers. It was definitely not what I signed up for. In addition, there is so much politics in teaching. It’s about who you know, and how much ass you kiss (unfortunately, like many careers). But the whole public school system focuses more on how they look than how they actually care for the children. 

So, when COVID hit, it got really bad for teachers because they were expected to do everything they were doing, only 10 times more, because of the virtual format. So we now had to be on call 24/7 as tech support for parents, emotional support for the kids (which I actually didn’t mind), and double the workload in general, since admin and parents saw us as “being on vacation.” So I was DONE. That was the last straw. I have more respect for teachers now than I ever have in my life. And they need to be paid MORE!

Right, what did you do?

Even while still teaching, I started working for an online luxury marketing and design agency out of New York City. I had a bit of marketing experience already because I have a business degree as well, but working here gave me even more.

I was meeting with clients all over the world. I was on Zoom meetings all day, and it was exciting and fun to me. I could be on a call with someone in Dubai and then the next minute I’d be on a call with someone in London.

I felt like I was back in my element with sales. I also became tasked with building out a partner network, as we were growing towards a full-service agency. So, we would be able to offer our clients connections with Branding, PR, Consulting, Packaging, Distribution/Market Expansion, etc. I was in my element, as networking comes so naturally to me, and we gained partners in Europe, Asia, and Canada. My responsibilities were growing, but at the same time, I yearned to work for myself again. 

Over the next couple of months I was talking to some coaches that I met on Facebook, about how to grow my client base and better manage my responsibilities. I felt I was missing out on something. I just knew I could be doing things better with some guidance.

‘Have you ever thought about coaching?’

I was like, ‘Oh, everybody’s a coach. That’s ridiculous!’.

She said, ‘You do have a gift, and this is what you should be doing!’

I was hoping to gain more time to do the other things I loved, but this seemed to be the answer! I talked with a few more just to see if I was crazy! They all told me the same thing. 

With my business background and experience in so many different things, it just made sense. It also made sense that I could help those that don’t know what to do, since I have a way of always getting it all done somehow!

‘So I decided to go for it, but since I never do anything half-assed, I wanted to get the credentials. One thing I was really interested in was money mindset, and charging high-ticket, since I had experience in that. I had followed a lot of money coaches, so I read up some more, went through a  certification program, and became a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach.’

After that, I got into Nicole’s programme Non-Stop Notifications

Awesome programme, isn’t it?

Yes, because I love marketing, but I was looking for ways to attract clients because we didn’t do client attraction at the agency, it was mostly referrals. I had been lurking in her group for I think going on a year now, but wanted to add more to what I was learning. Since she has been so successful, I wanted to hear her secrets! 

Since joining, I’ve shifted my focus a lot. Now, I help multi-passionates, like myself, with a quick programme of 90 days, because we’re all impatient. I want to deliver fast results to clients that think they can’t do it all. You know, nobody wants to wait a year. My zone of genius is helping people to figure out how to piece together their businesses, or their passions along with their business. Many times, they want the strategies, but they also need the mindset work as well. 

So, have you launched this programme?

Yes, but it’s evergreen, so people can sign up whenever. It’s called Amplify your Impact. 

When they complete the 90 days, which is 1 on 1 with me, they have the option to continue into a mastermind-type group to finish out that nine months. We’ll meet 1:1 and as a group, so a kind of hybrid program.

Sounds great! Where can people find out more?

They can join my Facebook group, Badass Rebel Womxn Entrepreneurs, where there is other information, such as workshops I’ll be holding.

Sounds great, because most entrepreneurs want a combination of things going on …

Yes, but it can be overwhelming, so I’m implementing structure into my programmes, because so many people are overwhelmed with scheduling themselves because as an entrepreneur it’s difficult.

You don’t have anybody telling you, “it’s time to stop.” Or “take a day off!” It’s so hard- especially having ADHD as I do. I have many systems in place to schedule my own businesses. Now that I’ve finally mastered it, I love helping others to do the same. 


Yes, I think this is very important …


When I was a Special Educator, I studied ADHD in my studies.

I had kids on my caseload, and you know, it’s hard for children, because in class they’re thought of as just troublemakers when they just can’t focus. Many are just very intelligent, so everything bores them.

It’s similar for adults, they just want to learn more, and do many things. Many people that start businesses also want to learn how to balance the other things in their lives. It’s frustrating when others tell you to just “pick one thing.” Many of us can’t, and don’t want to. 

Through my programs I’m giving people permission to embrace what’s in their zone of genius, and be able to structure it, so they can be productive and love what they do at the same time.

And it’s hard. And I know because I’ve lived it. Now, that’s why I want to help other people with it because I know how hard it can be.


I was on a call the other day with a girl who was like ‘well, I do this and this and this, but it could  never work together,’ but my brain lights up when I hear this, and I automatically think of how they CAN all work together. That’s my skill set.


A lot of times somebody will say ‘well I’m just going to focus, I love doing this but I’m just gonna do this other thing because this is where I’m gonna make the money. They’re giving up on their dreams, essentially because they’re putting that thing on the backburner. But then I get these ideas that float around, and I help them brainstorm. You don’t have to focus on one thing- does that make sense?

Absolutely, it does! I think it’s really important because as an entrepreneur it can be difficult to switch off, so having help with this side of things is super important!

It is, and it’s also important to stop & take time for yourself. I’m seeing lately that more people are practicing self-care. And when they do this, clients start coming to them because they’re changing their mindset and they’re not burning out. They’re not having so many frustrating thoughts and feelings and that’s when it’s happening.

Yes, people can be so much more productive if they put self-care as a priority.


So, tell us about your vision for your business …


I want to help people just like me, who felt like something was always missing even though they work hard and have done (what seems like) it all! I’ve also always wanted to make enough money that I can give back to the causes near and dear to my heart. 

So it’s kind of like the ‘Pay It Forward’ thing and I’m very excited about it.



Every client I help, I donate a portion to a non-profit organization to help those that truly need it. So everytime I help a client, I’m also helping the world as well. It’s everything to me! 


This is an amazing idea and a win-win for everyone, so before we go is there advice you would give to others?

I’d say just don’t let anyone tell you what you should be doing. Follow your heart, and find what you’re great at. That’s what you were meant to do! 


And surround yourself with supportive people, because any comments from anyone that doesn’t understand what it’s like to build a business, can always be taken as negative even if the person doesn’t intend them to be. It can lead to self-doubt, and it’s important to surround yourself with people that will lift you up; encourage you! One reason that group coaching is so great is that you are in that space with others who are doing the same thing. And even if you’re not in a group program, there are so many great communities on social media, and even locally in person. Get out and network. Find them! 

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