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on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

Z is for


Zing … what a strange but beautiful word.

Hopefully this post, will help you find your Zing!

Credit: Victoria J.Brown

If someone asked me to describe what it means to find my zing … I’d use words like, sparkling, vibrancy, exhilarating, tantalising … Does this describe your life?

Don’t worry, most people will say no here! But wouldn’t it be lovely to be one of those people who says, ‘Yes’, my life is full of zing.

I like to be honest in my posts, if you haven’t noticed already … but life is full of challenges. You may have faced something or you are facing something that is a complete upheaval in your life and you read these posts wondering if all this fluffy stuff is true. Trust me when I say, I couldn’t have written a blog that consists of an A-Z Inspirational Journey if I didn’t think it was true.

Life has thrown many many MANY challenges my way! Once I’d learned about the Law of Attraction I realised that it was me holding back on the good in my life. It was me that was attracting the negativity. Sometimes we have to let go of negativity to bring the positive into our lives. Whether that be a situation or a person. It may seem like the hardest thing to do at the time. Look for the signs, ask for help from the Angels and they will guide you.

Finding you zing for life is the reason you are here – your zing is your passion and your purpose. Your passion is what gives you the motivation to drive forward, which will add that extra zing into your life. Just how Emma Watson describes it;

Credit: Like Success

You’ll find when you’ve found your passion and you have that extra zing in your life, that life becomes a journey of little zings. Little zings that are made up of little things. Little things that you may have taken for granted, not learned to appreciate until you find your Zing.

Now, I could talk all day about what your zing is, but you may be wondering how you can go about finding your Zing …

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise (and the last of this A-Z’s Inspirational Journey)


  • Start by closing your eyes, breathing for 10 minutes or longer if needed. 
  • Imagine, while you’re breathing, your ‘ideal’ life – where are you? Who are you with?
  • In this ‘ideal’ life, imagine your alarm going off on a morning, imagine yourself jumping out of bed and knowing your day is going to be filled with happiness.
  • Imagine, what would give you that happiness? What you would do that would make you happy?
  • Some people may feel nothing … but imagine that you do have a purpose. I believe everyone has a purpose, so it’s sad if you feel you don’t have one. So let’s think about this … What is your passion? What are your hobbies? What makes you tick? There must be something … if you are feeling quite low and you’re unsure of where you’re meant to be, try thinking back to being a child … ‘When I grow-up I want to be a …’ If it’s never too late to change your profession, your goals, your dreams … we change as we get older, we become interested in different things, but what makes us unique is our own special mission. Many people have forgotten their mission, bogged down by finance worries, work pressure, family strains … many people have lost their zing.
  • So write down what you would be doing in your ideal life, when you were younger did you say you wanted to be a nurse? Did you fulfil this dream? If not, what are you doing at the moment? Are you helping others? Are you working in a caring role? Try and look inside yourself and really thing about what makes you tick. When you find it, when you start putting plans in place to pursue it, you will start to find that zing … that calling. The reason you are here.
  • If you’re still struggling, this is great time to do some freestyle writing. Freestyle writing is an awesome way to let go of your emotions and find out what and where our blockages are. What is really happening in our world? Where can we put things back on track to understand where we want to be.

Life has and will continue to throw challenges at you, but as I’ve talked about before all challenges are relative. What we need to do is open our hearts, minds and eyes to what is really happening in our world. Whatever is going on in your world, whatever pressures, struggles, problems, challenges you are facing, once you find your zing: your passion, your purpose, your reason for living … you will work your way through these barriers, in fact, you will bash down these barriers like the flimsy walls that they are, not the concrete jail you feel you are stuck within.

Remember, you deserve to find your zing; your passion, your purpose, your reason for living 🙂

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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