Once you’ve read these, why not have a go at this week’s inspirational task, and even click back to the therapeutic creative writing exercise that will help you send and spread the love.

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You can see the therapeutic creative writing exercises here, that will help you become a more loving person. See the previous blog about love here.

Ask yourself: How much LOVE are you giving?

This weekend I attended a Hay House event, in London and listened to the awesome Gabrielle Bernstein, if you’ve not heard of Gabby, you MUST click on her website NOW! I have followed motivational speakers for years, a few of my favourites being Tony Robbins, Doreen Virtue and of course, the late Louise Hay and Dr.Wayne Dyer … I came across Gabby this year, her book, ‘The Universe Has Your Back,’ popped up in my audible feed. I praise God that she did!

A motivational speaker with spunk, flair and a down-to-earth approach.

She is amazing. She is funky. She is fun. She is REAL! I thought this when I listened to her book, but to see her in person was awesome. She is just fantastic!

She tells us how it is … get over ourselves, it’s not about us … it’s about how we can serve! Stop listening to our ego and follow our hearts and passion.

Our purpose here is simply about LOVE! How can we give more love, how can we become more loving individuals?

I love this. I love her. If we look from LOVE, look at the light that shines within us and turn to God. Now, I often feel a bit nervous about using the term God … I grew up with a father who was an atheist. A true atheist, he would argue with anyone who proclaims to believe in a higher power.

As I have grown, I always felt guided by something bigger than we are as individuals. When I was eight years old we moved next door to a family who worshipped God. I was drawn to this family, but I wasn’t sure why. We attended their church a couple of times with them, to watch people experience something amazing. This was something that my father didn’t agree with and our visits to the church were soon stopped.

However, as I’ve grown and I’ve turned to a spiritual higher power to help guide me, especially in the lowest times … now you can use the term, ‘God’ or we can look at terms such as, ‘spirituality’, ‘angels’, ‘universe’ … they all relate. We are all one. Believe we are all one … we are no better than anyone else and no-one is better than us … everything we do should come from LOVE! Only with LOVE!

As always, my mini message to you and why I love inspirational quotes … (I repeat this message on these blogs, as I truly want people to look at the positives in life and focus on the good. By reiterating that here, if it helps at least one person, then this blog is worth it)

I truly hope you get something from my words. When I was at my lowest, I inundated myself with quotes. I even started my own spreadsheet of quotes. I remember updating my spreadsheet while sitting in one of the spare bedrooms of my in-laws’ house, my two-year-old cuddled up to me, while my newborn laid in the crib next to the bed. I remember thinking, I have to stay positive. We have to get through this period of helplessness; lost businesses, family disputes, mental health problems, financial wreckage … it was safe to say, I was so grateful to my in-laws for putting a roof over our heads and food in our mouths, as I’m not sure where we would have ended up. I keep this short, as this part of my life is a novel in itself. But I want you to know, life is full of lessons … it’s up to us to face those challenges, knock down those barriers and keep going. Staying positive is easier said than done when you’re faced with daily struggles, but I trained my brain to only look at the bright side and block out the negative. By doing this, the Universe showed me that I can have all that I dream of and life can be magical, miracles do happen and life can be pretty awesome.

I developed my spreadsheets into daily inspirational quote books. A few years later, when I started my MA in Creative Writing, I totally connected with reflective writing. Hence the reason, I developed therapeutic creative writing exercises on my blog.

Since then, I’ve never given up on inspirational messages. I love them; I wake up to them, I go to sleep with them. I have my own affirmations. I want everyone to know the power of the mind. The power that you have to inspire yourself and others, no matter how much you feel this can’t happen for you. Trust me, from someone who felt the same, it can happen for you. YOU can make it happen. Remember, the Law of Attraction is always working, so if you feel negative things are happening in your world, listen to your thoughts, look for things to be grateful for, look for things to appreciate and watch your world become blessed with miracles and magic.




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I hope you find something that will help spread love, inspiration and encouragement.

Happy browsing, sending you love, happiness and joy always

Love Victoria


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Following her own dreams, she was ecstatic to be published with Bombshell Books. The 2nd book in the ‘myself series’ will be released at the end of September. She hopes by writing her inspirational blog and promoting her inspiring clothing, she will help others pursue their goals. Spreading love and positivity always.

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