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INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS BY WOMEN. That all women should read in this lifetime.

These 15 motivational books must be on your bucket list.

And, there’s no better time to celebrate these awesome books & women!


Because, March doesn’t get much better than this, as it features 2 of my favourite days; World Book Day (Thursday 5th March 2020) and International Women’s Day (Sunday 8th March 2020). What better way to celebrate, well other than throwing a party, but to recognise some wonderful women writers?

So let’s check out these 15 inspirational books by women to recharge and re-energise your soul.

I love being part of a book club

Being part of a book club has allowed me to explore more, inspirational books by women. I’m part of the Assist Women’s Book Club, and in this group, we focus on inspirational/motivational books. Books that will help us personally or in our businesses. We read all kinds of books by both male and female authors, but with this post, I thought it would be a great idea to recognise my 2 favourite days by bringing together a list of inspirational books by women.

This list is not exhaustive and in no particular order. Each one gives a powerful message. After reading (or listening) to each of these books I felt so inspired, motivated and ready to grab my dreams by the horns! 

Multi-task by listening to books

Remember, if you don’t have time to read (many of us struggle with work, kids and life …) audible is a great way to get through some books. You can listen whenever and wherever! Many of us from our book club listen to books rather than reading, as this means we can get through so many more inspirational books by women and still get through our to-do list!

If you’d like to join the Assist Book Club, we have recently set-up a Facebook group. Maybe you don’t have the time to join our meetings (we only meet every 3 months but we understand how life can throw a spanner in the works), or you don’t live in the North East of England. You can join our Facebook group and become involved. We’d love for you to be inspired and join us virtually if you can’t join us physically.

Let’s see what some of my favourite books by inspirational women are:

1. The Secret by Rhona Byrne

The first book on our list of inspirational books by women is the book that changed my life!

It sounds corny, but it actually did change my life, because it helped me to recognise thought patterns that were unhealthy. Rhona helps us understand how our thoughts create our world. If you’ve not heard of the Law of Attraction, this is a great book to help you find out more. 

The Law of Attraction, in basic terms, is what we believe to be true, is the truth. Our life is simply the universe reflecting back to us our thoughts. So if we have negative thoughts, we will have a negative life, and if we have positive thoughts we will have a positive life.

Sounds far too simple?

It is actually that simple, however, there are certain exercises that will help you along the way. The Secret will help with these exercises and will show you how to align with the Universe. 

Once you start to acknowledge your thoughts and become conscious of the negative and positive thoughts you will see the adjustment in your mood, in your behaviour and this will soon be reflected in your life. This book and Rhonda’s other books are fascinating. Since I started on this journey, I qualified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner and focus my blog on such teachings.

Purchase The Secret and Rhonda’s Other Books

If you’ve not read ‘The Secret’ by Rhona Byrne, I recommend you go out there and do so! This was the first book I read about the ‘Law of Attraction’.

2. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch – Denise Duffield-Thomas

I’m always seeking inspirational books by women, and this book kept popping up in my life, urging me to read it, but admittedly, I was uncomfortable with the word ‘Bitch’! But, I am so chuffed that I got over myself and listened to this book. It’s awesome! She is awesome! 

I loved listening to Denise talk about her initial fears of being called a ‘Bitch’, to having the word ‘Bitch’ in her company name. After listening to her book, I couldn’t think of a better name!

Denise has a way of communicating to all women. I felt like she could have been a friend who had popped in for a coffee. She explains about past beliefs and blocks that may be stopping you from reaching your potential. 

I also love that Denise admits she is lazy and wants an easy life. Who doesn’t? Who wouldn’t love to spend every day doing what you love … and getting paid for it? Denise puts this in terms that will make you know it is possible for you. Definitely put this on your reading list, no matter what stage in your business or life you’re at.

Purchase Get Rich, Lucky Bitch Here

3. The Calling – Rha Goddess

How can you not be drawn to a book that is titled ‘The Calling’ authored by a woman with the name Goddess?

It simply had to be on our list of inspirational books by women. I love the title and author’s name, it’s very powerful. Don’t get me wrong it’s not just the title and author’s name that is awesome, the content is pretty amazing too.

I downloaded and listened to this book after seeing a recommendation from Gabrielle Bernstein (who actually has written the foreword).

This is a new book, only released in January. It starts straight in with an explanation from Rha about her past and experiences and that we all have ‘a calling’, this had me hooked, as I truly believe we do all have ‘a calling’. We all have different passions, some of us fulfil these passions, others just dream about them.

But Rha encourages throughout this book to seek out your calling … unputdownable … stories, tips, advice and exercises along the way.

Purchase ‘The Calling’ Here:

4. The Universe Has Your Back – Gabrielle Bernstein

The title of this book says it all. The Universe wants to help us and the Universe will deliver to us if we align our thoughts.

It was after reading this book that Gabby’s tour dates popped into my inbox, so you can imagine my excitement when I checked the dates to see she was speaking in London. It didn’t take me long to book a ticket, I can tell you!

Like most others on this post, this book will give you the confidence to know if you ask, you will receive because ‘The Universe Has Your Back’. I recommend all of Gabby’s books, she explains how easy it is to attract what you want.

Purchase The Universe Has Your Back Here;

5. The Courage to be Creative – Doreen Virtue

For any creative souls out there, this is the book for you! It was definitely the writer in me that was drawn to this book. Being the spiritualist that I am, I’ve read many of Doreen Virtue’s books, but this one was definitely my favourite.

It explains how our passion (or ‘our calling as Rha Goddess puts it) is our reason for being. We have been giving these urges to create because that’s what we are meant to do, not just for ourselves, but for others too.

The Courage to be Creative, encouraged me to follow my writing passions. If you feel like you’re having a creative block, or you are not following your creative dreams, this is definitely the book for you.

Doreen Virtue no longer writes these types of books and has changed her beliefs, however, some of her work is amazing and it’s shame she no longer promotes it.

Purchase Doreen Virtue’s Book Here:

6. She Means Business – Carrie Green

Carrie Green’s name was recommended by one of our lovely ladies from the Assist Book Club. I’d heard of Carrie before, but had not really seen her work.

Well, what can I say, a huge thank you to Cara, from our book club for recommending Carrie. Her down-to-earth, girlfriend approach, will make you realise we all have the potential to reach our dreams.

The thing I love about Carrie is her realism. She gives lots of advice about moving yourself forward, that yes, the Law of Attraction works, but so should you. There are many examples from other successful women, which in turn will give you the motivation you need to take steps forward.

Since reading this book I joined, Carrie Green’s FEA! Her advice, the encouragement and the community is second-to-none. ‘She Means Business’ was simply a no-brainer to be added to the list of inspirational books by women.

Purchase She Means Business Here:

7. You are a Badass – Jen Sincero

When I came across Jen she was most definitely someone I could relate to because of her no-holding back, tell-it-as-it approach to life. Plus, she admits she wasn’t always that way. 

I love finding new inspiring women, and inspirational books by women, added with a bit of kick-ass and I’m hooked. Jen brings this combination together effortlessly.

She has a no-BS approach to her writing which I absolutely love. Plus, she’s very funny. You don’t usually get comedy with inspirational books, I’m not saying they are not out there, but they are few and far between.

So I definitely recommend this book to not only help you feel inspired but it will also make you smile … win-win!

Purchase Jen Sincero’s Badass Book Here:

8. What I Know For Sure – Oprah Winfrey

Who would not want to know, what Oprah Winfrey knows? I know I did! Oprah is one of the many inspirational women who has had to overcome so much adversity.

In, What I Know For Sure, Oprah opens up about her childhood and different experiences that have made her the woman she is today.

She shows how gratitude is one of the ultimate things that can change your life around. Being thankful is so powerful, the Universe will continue to give when you are grateful for what you have.

Oprah talks about real-life experiences, which gives a true insight into how she has become the strong miraculous woman she is today. This is a powerful book that will definitely get you thinking.

Purchase What I Know For Sure:

9. The Warrior Goddess Training Programme – Heather Ash Amara

Do you want to train to be a Warrior Goddess?

Hell, yes! This is the lady to follow … Heather Ash Amara! The Ultimate Goddess (well, in my opinion). Hence, the reason I had to add her to our list of inspirational books by women.

Weave yourself through the examples of how we can love ourselves and why we should love ourselves. Too many women shy away from their wonderfulness. They are embarrassed if someone compliments them. You will learn how to embrace you … and no, before you ask, not in a ‘cocky – check me out’ kind of way, but in a loving wonderful way that will only spread to others.

Her spiritual approach was something I could truly relate to. If you are struggling with loving yourself, why not give this a try? Become the powerful goddess that you are.

Purchase HeatherAsh Amara Here:

10. Your 3 Best Superpowers – Sonia Choquette

When I came across Sonia Choquette, I listened to her books so quickly because she had me completely hooked. I loved everything she stood for. She blends the Law of Attraction with Spirituality effortlessly, showing us how interlinked the 2 things are, without us even realising. In addition to her wonderful explanations, her sound advice encourages us to use our own abilities to live a life of happiness.

I would also recommend Sonia’s other books because they are all very powerful, furthermore, she brings you in with her soft but confident approach. A truly wonderful and inspirational lady.

Purchase Sonia’s Choquette’s Book Here:

11. The Ultimate Marianne Williamson Library

I was introduced to Marianne Williamson’s work many years ago by a friend, who I met when we were studying our MA’s in Creative Writing. My friend loved Marianne’s work and she would tell me, ‘One day I will meet her!’

Now, if you read even one of the books on this list, you’ll know what is coming next … ‘Yes, she met her!’ Better than that, she actually flew to the USA, stayed in Marianne Williamson’s house with a few other selected ladies and completed a 2-day course!

Crazy! Or What?

Not really! It’s really NOT that CRAZY!

Once you read these books and once you become aligned every single day, you’ll realise, it’s not crazy. My friend set an intention, the Universe listened and made it happen. It sounds simple, I know, but it is actually THAT simple!

Anyway, as a result of my friend’s obsession with Marianne, I decided to listen to one of her books … and you’ve guessed, likewise, I loved her! I listened to her book, while on the ‘cross trainer’ in the gym and it was one of those books I wanted to shout out, ‘Hell, yeah!’.

Marianne had so many tips, advice, examples, experiences, you name it, she gave it all in this book. If it made me want to shout out, in a crowded place, not that I did might I add, then how could I not recommend it? Give yourself a relax and take in Marianne Williamson’s amazing wisdom, she really is a true inspiration.

Purchase Marianne Williamson’s book here:

12. Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice – Brene Brown

Brene Brown is a research professor. She is famous for her research surrounding courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. I’ve read & listened to many of her books, but this one truly connected to me due to the spiritual element. This was the first Brene Brown book I became embroiled in, as a result, I’ve been a fan of hers ever since. 

People shy away from talking about spirituality but Brene helps to look at spirituality that is something bigger than us, as she demonstrates how it’s not something that is based around religion but a bigger connection to love. As always, her inspirational and unapologetic wisdom made for an awesome book. 

Purchase Brene Brown’s book here:

13. Becoming – Michelle Obama

Firstly, this is a bit different from the other inspirational books by women I’ve recommended, because it’s a memoir. But Michelle Obama is extremely inspirational and there’s no way I could have missed her off, especially when I love this woman.

The book starts with her childhood and takes us on a journey, allowing us to see her roots and upbringing, thereby giving us an insight into her experiences.

I absolutely loved Michelle’s determination and commitment to staying true to herself, and even when she became First Lady, her own desires were just as important as ‘The President’s’.

She speaks truthfully on marriage, motherhood, work, the White House, the pressure of the rules and regulations Michelle had to follow when actually, I believe, she’s a bit of a free spirit, and I love a free spirit.

Personally, I fell in love with Michelle when she appeared on iCarly, on Nickelodeon, a few years back. Both my girls were watching the programme and I just loved her from then.

It can be hard trying to balance work, children and trying to understand our inner-guidance but Michelle, who was watched from every angle of the world, pulled it off amazingly.


Purchase Michelle Obama’s Book Here:

14. Beautiful – Katie Piper

OMG! What a book! Katie Piper is amazing!

As I started this post, I did say that these books are not in my favourite order, therefore, if you fancy picking up one or another, do it! It depends on what you want to learn, so it’s important you read the blurb and pick the right book for you. In other words, if you’d like to read about real-life experiences, these 2 memoirs are a great start.

However, I cannot express how much my emotions were all over the place with Katie’s book ‘Beautiful’.

Beautiful takes us on a rollercoaster of sadness, frustration, anger, elation, happiness … yet, another book, I wanted to shout-out! ‘Go Katie!’

What an absolutely amazing woman. She is a true inspiration.

She admits how her looks were so important to her and how she didn’t want to live when those looks were gone. However, we ring along with her as she comes through the other side, needless to say, her journey is incredible.

As soon as I finished this, I downloaded her next book, which I’m yet to read, but I’m sure it will be just as amazing.

She has been through so much, in fact, I didn’t realise how much until I read her book. The acid not only burnt her face but also inside her body; it burnt her insides!

Yes, read that again! IT BURNT HER INSIDES!

But she is still one of the most gorgeous women in the world, inside and out! 

For everything she has been through, you’d think she would dismiss other people’s problems as trivial, but she doesn’t. She supports and encourages everyone no matter how big, or little, their problems are. 

Katie is such a wonderful inspiration to all women and girls, when my daughters are a little older I will be introducing them to Katie’s story. Katie’s inside beauty has without a doubt resonated on the outside. To sum up my review on this book, well, I just can’t boast about Katie and her story enough.

Purchase Katie Piper’s Book, Beautiful, Here:

15. Women Who Run With Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

As I mentioned earlier, (several times), these inspirational books by women are in no order, so please don’t think because Clarissa is placed at the bottom because it’s my least favourite … far from it!

I actually read about this book in one of my spiritual magazines, it was an ‘interviewee’s’ favourite book. Well, when someone says, ‘favourite book’, I’m there, researching. Although I know we all have different tastes, I like to see if it’s something I would devour. It seems with this book I would have devoured for my starter, main and dessert! (And snacks actually!)

Although, this book is much more historical, statistical and, dare I say, maybe more serious, than any of the others I recommended, but for intuitive women out there, this is definitely a read for you! Someone made a review on Amazon that says it all,

‘If a wise grandmother became a book this would be it’.

It is such a powerful book that will make you realise why sometimes your soul is calling out to you, and your life is not reflective of this. For women who have a fight, a passion, an urge, a longing, a want, a need … you will learn about historical beliefs and how society has moved forward (or not!).

But Clarissa helps us move forward and enables us to take steps to change these beliefs. Once we grasp them, once we understand them, once we realise they are there, then we can change them.

If you’ve got this far, thank you! All these women have powerful messages to share, messages that will no doubt help you on your journey. Often we feel alone in this world, as if we are the only ones feeling this incompleteness, but by connecting to these women and other women, you’ll know your feelings are your passion urging you to move forward.

Clarissa gives us an idea of why and how we have these feelings. I recommend you read her book, first, second or last … whichever, it is a must-read!

Purchase Women Who Run With Wolves Here: