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This week let’s think about who inspires you and more importantly, who do you inspire?


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I want to jump straight into an exercise this morning. Don’t worry, this will take you 5/10 minutes and will change your mind-set for the day!

So firstly, who inspires you?

Let’s get straight into a therapeutic creative writing exercise:

Write down the names of the people who inspire you.

This could be people who are close to you; family members or friends. It could be someone you’ve come across over the internet or through social media (for example, maybe someone who runs a fitness blog/business or offers music entertainment through you tube), or a celebrity who you feel gives you a drive to push yourself.

Once you have this list, pick one of these people and write a paragraph about why they inspire you.

The next task is to look at this particular person and their story. They will have one to tell and it could be a reason as to why you are drawn to them. What makes them inspirational to you? In what way do you relate to them?


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Many people are inspired by others because they have achieved a goal, reached a target and pushed themselves forward. There’s always a story behind someone’s success. If you’re inspired and drawn to certain people take a look at your own life, you are more than likely drawn to these people for a reason. This following quote is so true …


Whatever you’re going through, or whatever you’ve been through, you’ll be surprised how many people have been through the same or similar. These people, like yourself, are looking to be inspired by people who have got through the bad times. Everyone has bad times, things they have to deal with when they truly don’t want to. People who have been through bad times, learned by the experience are bound to inspire us. If it makes you feel it’s possible for you … this is because it is possible for you!


You may have huge dreams that you don’t like to share with others incase they put you down, or we all know someone who thinks your dreams are far too big and you are living in some kind of ‘La La Land’ – that’s ok … that’s there opinion. Don’t let them affect your dreams, this will only hurt you, not them. You are one of a kind and if you have amazing dreams and goals it’s your mission to achieve them. If you have an urge, a passion to do something with your life, don’t ignore these feelings, they are there for a reason. They are there because you are suppose to strive towards them. If you read my blog posts regularly, you’ll see that I often post images of our house rules, well to finish off today, here is another of our house rules … make them your house rules too.


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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