Influence … when you think of this word, what comes to mind?

There are many good influences and bad influences in our lives that we have to decide which to ignore and which to look up to.

But one of today’s focuses is not to look at negative influences (as that’s not what these blog posts are about) but to focus on who has influenced you and how you can influence others.


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Are you a person that people want to be around? Do you radiate energy and enthusiasm for life? Or do you dwell upon every tiny thing in your life that is not right and send these vibes like a ripple swarming those around you?

If you’re the latter, don’t worry, all is not lost. And in one blog post it may be hard to change your perspective on life, but we can still work on getting you there. Firstly, have a think about this quote:


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So whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever mood you are in … you could be influencing others with your actions, in a positive or negative way!

This could be a positive outlook for you, you maybe a spritely character who automatically influences people with your presence, or you maybe someone who needs to work a bit on being that influential person that people are drawn to. However, if you can think about one positive thing in your life every day, you will see how this can influence your own mind into becoming more positive. The more positive you are, the more you can influence others in an energetic way.

Here’s a little task for you:

Firstly think of a person who has influenced you, this could be a parent, a family member, a teacher, a friend … anyone! Now write down 5 things as to why you believe this person has influenced you. Once you’ve written these 5 write another 5.

Study this list … now write down how you could influence others in a good way. Look at the list and think about how this person influenced you and how you can actually pass this on. It’s possible … you just need to have the courage to believe in yourself.

Here’s a few quotes to think about …


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Struggling with this week’s blog post? Think about the person who you want to be, the person you want others to see you as and work towards that. Influence and encourage those around you. If you find the company you keep is a bad influence, it’s time to think about some life changes. Because whatever is happening in your life right now, you’re influencing others, maybe without even realising it.

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