So I’ve decided to make the plunge into a new and exciting venture!

I’m not leaving my own writing behind, but this opportunity still allows me to work with my passion … stories, stories and more stories!

Using my MA in Creative Writing, I’m hoping to bring you a world full of fun. I can’t wait to develop things further, from storytelling to writing courses, I’m hoping to bring it all to you! I’ll keep you posted on future developments.

So, you’re probably asking yourself,

‘But … how do I get my hands on some FREE books?’

Well, here’s a few options below, but if you’d like to talk to me further about ordering any Usborne books,

please feel free to email me on 🙂

(You can view the catalogue here)


The good thing about these parties is they can include children! So there’s no worrying about childcare! Whether you’d like to have a coffee morning or afternoon get together, I’m happy to come along. The party would include going through a few books, talking about the different books and their benefits, plus I love to interact with the little ones. I’m happy to read along with them, look at the pictures and discuss (chat about) the books with them or do some story-telling.

However, if you’d prefer an evening without the children … that’s fine too.

I can work to your preferences and deliver the book party you’d prefer!

(If you’re based outside of Teesside, UK, and you’re interested, please let me know and we’ll do our best to find an Usborne Organiser in your area (or part of the world 🙂 )



You would love to see the collection but you just don’t have the time to think about a party, let alone hold one? But you know you and your friends love the books! Well, just send me an email, I’ll be happy to send you details online/in the post and you and your friends can look through the collection in your own time.

So what’s the benefit if I do one of the above?


If you place a party (or group) order with me on or before the 26th September 2015, that is £100 or more, you will receive 20% of your sales price. Therefore, if your party (group order) sales comes to £100, you would have £20 to spend on books … you would also receive a choice of 1 in 3 books (and a little thank-you gift from me 🙂 ).

Being a new organiser I have limited time to offer the 20%, as it is usually 10%, so it’s a great time to host a party or ask around your friends and see if you can get some orders together. £100 is not hard to achieve when it comes to educational and fun books 🙂

I know it’s September, but there are only 106 sleeps until Christmas!!! Scary thought, but it’s a great time to do some Christmas shopping!

How else can I get FREE books?

Become an Usborne Organiser like me!

It was a no-brainer for me. I love reading, writing and telling stories.

Plus, me and my girls absolutely love the Usborne collection, not just reading the books, but the interactive sticker books too (the dolls sticker books are one of their favs!!!)

But they offer so much more!!!

The FREE ‘stuff’ as an organiser, is an absolute bonus!

If you want to know more about becoming an organiser, just send me an email on

Send me an email with any questions or to book a party, I’ll be happy to help!

Happy Reading Guys

Love Vicky


View catalogue here