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It’s as simple as the above says. The Universe is not against you. Even though you may feel sometimes as if it is, but you need to look at your thoughts. What are you actually thinking about? The Universe is responding to your thoughts and what you think about most. Imagine the Universe is a mirror of life … the universe is showing you constantly what your thoughts are about.

One of the best books to read when it comes to talking about the Universe and the Law of Attraction is, ‘The Secret’ There are many more in-depth books, but Rhona Byrne gives a simple, clear and concise description that – what you are receiving in life is what you are putting out there. This is a good place to start when it comes to reading about the Law of Attraction.

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Now, I’m a true believer in angels and God, so sometimes they have to intervene if they think we are heading down the wrong path. So for example, you may want to be promoted at work. So you put a vast amount of energy and positivity in wanting to be promoted, but it suddenly doesn’t come off, you may ask yourself, ‘But I put so much positive energy into visualising this dream.’ The angels, the Universe and God are delivering something better to you. Stay focused on being positive and it will all make sense.

The Universe, God and the angels know this and they want you to have that something better, it’s your job to seek it out and look out for the opportunities. This may sound like hard work, but it’s not, the answer will be there, you’ve already given out to the Universe you want something better, but you mustn’t be thinking in terms of lacking, or the universe just hears you are lacking, so will deliver ‘more lacking’ to you. Be grateful, be thankful, be appreciative.

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This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:

How to use the Law of Attraction and getting what you want from the Universe.

What you need to understand is, the Universe is reflecting back to you what your main thoughts are – so if you want something in your life to change, you need to be clear about what you want.

It’s easier to see this in black and white, so writing down your ‘wants’ in a wish-list type of way is a great way to focus on your desires. Then treat them as affirmations to help you believe you are already there.

  1. Write down what you want from life. If it’s easier split your wants into categories, eg: career, relationship etc. If it’s something specific, write a sentence about what you want. It must be, ‘I want ….’ You must focus on what you want (I can’t reiterate this enough). If you start writing down what you are lacking, for example. ‘I really want to be promoted because I am unhappy in my current position …’ You’re telling the Universe that you are unhappy & therefore the Universe will deliver more unhappiness.
  2. So for example, if you do want to be promoted, (let’s use promoted to ‘manager’ to help with this exercise), you would write: ‘I want to be promoted to manager.’
  3. Now we are going to change this into an affirmation – which means to believe you’re already in this position, so write down:* I am the manager of ….. And then play make-believe that you are the manager … how would that feel? Manifest your desires. Bring this affirmation to life. Pretend you are already playing the role of manager, feel it, see it, breathe it.
  4. To help bring this to life we can add a few more affirmations, such as:* I am a happy and successful manager* My team respect me* I am financially secure* I give love to my team members & help them succeed in their roles.

These are just a few affirmations that can help you imagine and visualise your dream job. Write these affirmations on a piece of card and carry them with you. When you wake up on a morning, grab that feeling of being manager as soon as you awake, how would it feel?

The Universe will soon deliver ‘your wants’ to you. Like I said earlier, you’ve given out to the Universe your desires, so if God and the angels know there is something better for you, they will bring that too you, remember to stay focused, positive and happy.

Have fun testing this out 🙂

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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