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When you initially saw this blog you may have thought about what ’embracing’ means to you …

Embracing someone, embracing you, embracing your life etc. Well, let’s talk about all those things today.

I want you to ask yourself a question: Do you embrace yourself enough?

Do you truly embrace all that you are? You’ll find not many people do. We all have a child-like persona, the child deep within us that wants to be nurtured. If we look for that nurture from other people how can we truly feel nurtured. The child within us needs to be embraced by ourselves. We need to truly accept and love ourselves to truly love and accept anyone else.

This article from gives a great overview as to why loving yourself first is so important.


Credit: Quotes Addict

We all have something about ourselves that we don’t like … yes, you’re not the only one who wishes you could improve something about yourself. However, you can either continue to dwell on the bits you wish you could improve, or you can choose to embrace your uniqueness.

Ask yourself when trying to embrace yourself: Would you treat someone else as mean as you treat yourself? Would you criticise someone else as much as you criticise yourself?

Once you can accept yourself and all your flaws, embrace your uniqueness, be proud that there is only one of you 🙂


Embracing yourself will enable you to shine … and what’s even better is you’ll make others feel they can shine too!


Maybe you are finding it hard to move on from a past event … an event in your life that you feel is affecting your present and future. Embracing these past events and learning from them will help you move forward.


Are you unsure how to do this? Do you feel this is easier said than done?

Here’s this week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:


1/ Write down the situation, what has happened and what you feel is holding you back.

2/ Write down what has upset you about this situation – why are you upset? What are you feeling?

3/ The most important part of this exercise and this part MUST be done – Write answers to the following questions:

* What you have learned from the situation

* What could you have done differently? If anything …

* What can you do about it now?

* What positive things (there will be plenty) can you take from the situation, experience and how can you use these positives in your future.


Believe that everything happens for a reason. So accepting your past and the reasons why certain events have occurred will help you embrace the future. Dwelling or complaining about situations or events that have occurred can’t make them better, if you understand that you can learn something from everything that happens in your life, you will be able to embrace it and move forward.


One of the most important rules in my house is to embrace each other. Embrace all those around you. Embrace your loved ones like there’s no tomorrow. Embrace them with all that you have.

An embrace can mean so much without even saying anything. I don’t mean, a quick hug, ‘hello’ or a quick hug, ‘goodbye’, a true almighty embrace. Embracing each other can mean more than saying anything at all. Words are not needed, because actions speak louder.


So go on … your mission this week is to embrace …

  • Embrace yourself
  • Embrace your past
  • Embrace your loved ones


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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