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Writing the title of this blog post made me feel very old indeed, but not even in my forties yet (a few more years) apparently I’m still a baby.

But when downloading ‘Let It Go’ (yes, the famous, Frozen song) onto my phone so my girls could sing their hearts out, it made realise how easy it is for them. And I heard myself saying, ‘It wasn’t like this in my day!!!’ Yes, I actually said those words. I could hear myself explaining about record players, and how my first actual record was ‘Shakin’ Stevens‘. My favourite song ‘This ole house’. Did you realise he’s still going? He’s just performed in Poland in March 2014. Love it! Will have to watch out for him performing in the UK.

Do kids these days even realise how lucky they are? Now, I’m definitely sounding old. I just worry they might take some of this stuff for granted. Is it expected that they should i-pods, i-pads and whatever other ‘i-thingys’ are coming out? I remember being ecstatic with my Commodore 64 and nearly breaking the joystick to try and make the helicopter or truck go faster.

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How toys have changed, I realise we have to move with the times, but how I was thrilled with my roller boots, my little ponies and care bears; all my favourite things. Check out some more 80’s toys here.

As for movies, there were a few favourites, mine being E.T, Superman and Ghostbusters! These days there are new movies out every month. Postman Pat now has a movie, not only has he moved on with a wife and a son … he drives a helicopter! But good old Jess is still alive and kicking.

You often hear people saying, ‘How did we live without mobile phones?’ ‘How did we live without the internet?’ Everything can be ‘Googled’. I remember searching endless books, researching through the library to find all the answers I needed for my exams. Even now when Lexi, who is only in Year 2, has homework more often than not there is some reference to an internet site. It really is amazing how times have changed.

I look at Pops, my hubby’s grandad, he doesn’t possess a mobile phone and I’m sure he doesn’t know how to use a computer, let alone the internet. And I know in years to come when my girls have holograms to speak to their friends, or they’re flying around on scooters or some other mind-blowing ideas, I’m going to be like Pops, happy to stick with what I know! Pops and my father-in-law, don’t understand how my hubby can read his newspaper on his i-pad. Neither do I. Don’t get me wrong I do have a mini i-pad that I use for reading, but I do prefer paperbacks. I encourage ‘proper books’ with my girls before they get lost in all these ‘newfangled things’.


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My hubby is working on a project at the moment called skignz, (skignz – pronounced ‘sky-nz’ to rhyme with designs – are signs and 3D objects placed in the environment to be viewed via a mobile device’s camera). This is blowing people’s minds … but the ‘kids of today’ are finding it so easy, it’s like second nature for them to press a few buttons and expect things to just happen. Whereas I prefer not to press any buttons, as I’m not really sure what will happen 🙂

Anyway, I thought I would share my thoughts with you, as I sit here feeling old … God help me as I get older, think I’ll just go and join Pops, he seems happy enough living in a traditional world. Although, when my girls are my age, all of this will be traditional to them.

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