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Once again, there were so many words to choose from when it came to H: Happiness, Hope, Help … but today I’m going with Hello.

Now we could talk about saying, ‘Hello’ to new chapters in your life … here’s a few quotes for you! But keep reading, I’m talking today about physically saying hello!

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 I love all these quotes, if something isn’t right in your life or you feel the need to make a change, saying hello to something new could be exactly what you need.

However, today I’m talking about those simple words … saying, ‘Hello’.

I go walking with a friend who says hello to every single person we pass. I don’t mean a smile and a nod, she physically says, ‘morning,’ ‘afternoon,’ or ‘hello,’ to every single person. Her cheery voice lights up their faces, some reply with a cheery response, some smile and nod. When she started this, I said, ‘you’re in a good mood this morning!’ Because although we’re not rude, we smile and nod at people, but most of the time we’re in deep conversation. She told me she’d been reading an article and you never know what people are going through, and her cheery hello could actually make their day.

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So now, no matter what is on my mind, when I’m out walking, even on my own with Daisy, our little cocker spaniel, I say hello to every single person I pass. I’ve always smiled at people, if I’m in shops or interacted with shop assistants, I’ve always thought that was enough, however, now I don’t just talk quietly and smile politely, I really make an effort to project my voice and ensure my warmness is reaching them. You can actually see people’s faces brighten. Why not give it a try. Even if you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone, in fact this is the best time to do it, as it’ll make you feel brighter. The more expressed hellos you give the better you’ll feel.

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We also have a lovely dad at my girls school who is so jovially it’s infectious! A few times he’s turned up with a mega phone, shouting, ‘Good morning, everyone!’ And although this may be a bit extreme for you, his whole attitude on a morning, especially when parents are rushing to get their kids to school on time, any kind of drama could have happened before school, he instantly brightens up the morning.

So don’t wait for someone to say, ‘hello’ to you, be the person who makes their day!

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