primary times logoUnfortunately predicting the weather is not something we are blessed with in Britain. With the summer hols approaching who girls n craftsknows what the weather will be like! We may have some scorching hot days (which many of us can’t cope with!) or we may have a downpour of rain, and often with the odd bit of thunder and lightening, and when those mini storms occur you’ll hear people saying, ‘We needed that!’.

Anyway, here in the ‘The Browns Household’ we’ve got a few things planned for the summer hols, but we won’t be going abroad this year, so when it came to writing my Primary Times editorial this month, I went with the few ideas that I had about what we could be doing on those rainy days. I’ll be honest, I don’t venture to soft plays on rainy days when the kids are off. Why? Because everyone and their dog make their way there! A room full of screaming kids is not my idea of fun! So I need to be prepared to entertain my girls within the confides of four walls!!

Anyway, between the craft days, dressing-up and performing mini-plays (that haven’t been rehearsed very well), I’ve included the link to the editorial I’ve written for the Primary Times. Hope it helps you decide on activities for the summer hols 🙂