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I always thought I’d be one of those parents who would NEVER embarrass my kids!

Well, since having kids I’ve decided I’m going to embarrass them so much … as they have a tendency to have moments where I wish the ground would swallow me up. I want pay back 🙂

The most recent was Lexi (who is 7 yrs) announcing outside school that, ‘Mummy was pumping so loudly last night it kept me awake!!!!’ And then proceeded to say, ‘You’re going very red mummy!’ Really Lexi! Just really! Can I clarify I didn’t keep her awake, she will find any excuse 🙂

There wasn’t just one parent who heard her  … oh no, the whole school! Well, that’s an exaggeration, probably 2 or 3 parents, but it felt like the WHOLE school! As I tried to explain about my constipation problems and how lactulose really didn’t help with movement, but I was in so much pain and the air really needed to be released … I realised I needed to change the subject very quickly … why was I giving so much information? Why couldn’t I just have said, ‘I think you were dreaming Lexi!’ and made a joke of it! Oh no, I rant on about my flatulence problems! Nice …

Because I have no dignity left, I will be discussing flatulence in another blog, as I’m learning so much about food intolerance and healthy diets 🙂

Anyway, it made me realise how many times I’ve tried to scurry away, or tried to cover something up because they’ve just announced whatever is on their mind. Usually it’s Gabriella. She is so inquisitive, she’ll ask the most inappropriate questions at the most inappropriate moment! Like the time she asked her great-grandad (Pops to us) if he was going to die soon???? Luckily he didn’t have his hearing aid in. But it just shows how much they think about things. The previous day we’d had a conversation about someone’s grandad dying, and she asked all the questions about, ‘why do people die?’ etc. I’d gone with the line, this is what happens when you’re old. In the nicest way I could. I didn’t expect her to question Pops about his lifespan!

But hey, that’s why we love them … isn’t it? But I will be noting down all the things I can embarrass them with … the devious part of me can’t wait 🙂

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Love to hear how you too wanted to die on the spot 🙂