Can inspirational quotes, positive messages & affirmations

really keep your thoughts elevated?

In a word,



The Law of Attraction tells us ‘what we think we attract! Your thoughts are your reality. However, it’s deeper than that … it’s about how we FEEL. We can’t ‘just think’ something and expect it to appear. It’s about the belief around such things.

So, YES, positive messages, affirmations and inspiring quotes DO WORK but it’s about ‘WORKING WITH THEM’.

Let’s think about this logically, reading an affirmation and then forgetting it, isn’t going to have much impact on your life, right?

In fact, simply reading an affirmation several times might not have an impact if you don’t truly feel into the words and believe them.

This is where most people fail when it comes to affirmations;


So this means the more positive messages you embrace, the more positive you will feel.

You can learn more about this in one of my previous blog posts here!

But the reality is; positivity attracts positivity & negativity attracts negativity!

So, if we are to obey this LAW what can we do to attract more positivity into our lives?

I’ve put some tips together, so you can embrace positive messages. Once you surround yourself with positivity, you will start to look for the positive in every situation

I want you to understand, I know, this doesn’t come easily to some people, I also understand there are many people who ‘get it’ and sometimes lose their way and that’s why it’s important to attract positive energies, by fulfilling your life with positive messages, so you can attract more positivity to you.

So, how can you do this?

Here are a few tips for you!

Affirmation/gratitude journal positive messages

This is a very powerful tool that can change your day instantly. Start your morning writing down some wonderful things you would like in your life and how you are grateful for them now. Write as if they are in your life at present, not something you hope for. For example, start with ‘I am …’, NOT, ‘I hope for …’, or, ‘I wish …’.

Always start with ‘I am …’. By using anything different you are telling the Universe you don’t already have it. You want the universe to mirror your thoughts, therefore, using the affirmation, ‘I am …’ the universe doesn’t know anything else except ‘You are …’

For example: Would you like to attract a loving healthy relationship into your life?

Write the following affirmation at least 10 times every morning; ‘I am grateful for the wonderful loving healthy happy relationship I have with my partner and myself’

If you would like to attract a new job, write the following affirmations at least 10 times every morning &/or night: ‘I am grateful for the wonderful job I have. It fills me with abundance and happiness’

Find something that you can believe in, writing them down helps to connect with the universe. The more frequently you write, the more likely you are to believe & the more likely you are to attract.

Further cement this feeling by writing down how you feel that you now have this in your life. Think about how it would feel to wake up every morning loving your job & loving the person laid next to you. Put those feelings into words & write them down.

You can also see the journals we currently offer, there is an ‘affirmation kindle version’ that comes with a ‘workbook’, plus, you can join our positivity pants FB group, where you will receive FREE downloadable prints.

Instil positive messages by listening to an inspirational book or podcast

Many of us are juggling life; kids, work, family … you know the feeling!

So then being told to fit reading a book into the equation could make you want to scream! But that’s why listening to an inspirational book or listening to a podcast is a great way forward. Take note of any positive messages you take from the book

I’m part of a book club where the majority of the women use audible to listen to our latest book. This means we can ‘multi-task’ – cook dinner, drive or even clean, whilst listening to our book. The motivational aspect of this is we can feel inspired whilst doing the jobs that we may not really enjoy!

You can see here one of my blog posts about the books I recommend:

Stream your social media with positive messages.

There are so many groups on Facebook that offer inspirational messages daily, you can easily do a search to find the ones that resonate with you. Watch out for the inspirational messages that are posted frequently.

Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest are all amazing places to look for inspirational messages. If you are following the right inspiring people you will soon find your feed full of positivity. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t give you that positive vibe.

Waking up to a wonderful array of inspirational messages, is much better than waking up to the news that is generally full of tragedy. This isn’t me saying, ‘Don’t watch the news’, if you are interested, then watch it at a better time of the day. How you start your day is generally how it will progress, so start out by soaking up as much positivity as you can.

You can even start by joining my very own ‘Positivity Pants’ Group 👖✨💕

Make your own inspirational quotes box

As I’ve mentioned earlier, waking up to inspiration is an amazing way to start your day. Imagine having your own little box of quotes on your bedside on a morning, or use affirmation cards to create your vision for the day.

You can research quotes and print off your favourite. Put them into an inspiring box and pick them out every morning, or if you’d prefer to have the quotes already researched, you can download the free guide from my website – instructions on how to make your own quotes box, plus posters to give you an extra boost.


Surround your office or home with positive messages

So I purposely named this post ‘Positive messages throughout the day, help keep the negative thoughts away’ 

I’ve been there when you want the world to give you a break! I truly believe if you can lift your thoughts to a higher place, your world will also lift to a higher place. One way of doing this is to bombard yourself with positivity. Surround your office, your home, your bedroom, your kitchen, hell, even your bathroom … I don’t care where you surround yourself, but just do it, and surround yourself with as much positivity as you can!

If you constantly feeding these messages to yourself, you are holding up barriers to negativity. When you start raising your vibrations, you will find that you attract more positivity into your life and you turn away from negativity. 

You can visit my online printables shop to get access to all my online prints that will inspire you wherever you are!


The above list isn’t endless, there are so many ways to stay positive. There is so much information out there, it’s ensuring that you stay focused on this positive information, put your hand up and say ‘No’ to any negativity. 

It’s okay to put an invisible barrier around yourself and not allow any negative vibes to come your way. We are so easily influenced by the people, situations & circumstances that surround us that we allow negativity to enter into our own being and take over our thoughts. SO ensuring we keep our minds topped up with positivity is essential to living a happier and more fulfilling life.

Sending you love, happiness & positive vibes always.

Love Victoria xxx