So it’s Saturday morning and if you’re still in bed by 8am, you’re lucky 🙂

Parents across the country have had their kids poking their eyes, picking their noses or twisting their lips. Kids have pleaded, begged, shouted, bounced on beds to shoehorn their parents out of bed! Mine this morning was, ‘I’m hhhhuuunnnngggggrrryyyy’. If my 6 year-old didn’t get fed at 6.32am, she would starve to death!!!

Gone are the days when our Saturday mornings were about chilling until the sunrise had reached its peak!

No … if your weekends are like mine, they usually consist of my girls attempting to make breakfast which ends with the kitchen looking like it’s been ramsacked. Then there are the sounds of what could be the start of a World War as they tackle whose turn it is to hold the remote & whose turn it is to watch their favourite programme … and if that’s not enough to start your day, it’s usually a rushed job to get everyone out of the house for activites, clubs or parties!!

Sound familiar?

Well, I’m not saying the below could stop the above … but where there’s a will, there’s a way! (Although after this morning, it’s pity the activity books are not edible 🙂 )

Usborne has a wide range of activity books for kids of all ages …

From page 104 of the catalogue, you’ll find a range of activity, puzzle & sticker books.

My girls absolutely love the Sticker Dolly Books, there’s a special offer on one of their mini packs …

activity pack picture

Four Mini Sticker Dolly Dressing books, including Best Friends, Dream Jobs, Ice Skaters and Shopping, all in a stylish, colourful carry case only £7.99 (usually £12.99). Perfect for birthday presents, stocking fillers or as a reward for good behaviour!

There’s full size books available on page 128. But if you want to make learning interesting you can also find sticker books on ‘build your own …’ (pg 22), ‘Information Sticker Books’ (pg 23) and ‘Historical Sticker Books’ (pg 127).

If your children are younger, explore pages 30-35, plenty of fab stickers for the little ones!


Here’s a few more activity sets that are on offer:


get ready for school

starting school activity

phonics activity

pirate activity picture

space activity

Get in touch if you have any questions 🙂

Happy Browsing 🙂