Last week I started my new A-Z of inspirational blogging, and I talked about having aspirations. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here. If you did, did you write down your aspirational list? Have you been visualising reaching these aspirations?

Some people can find this hard; a challenge to actually visualise something that hasn’t actually happened yet. One of the biggest barriers is self-belief! It’s believing that YOU can actually do it. You may say it aloud, you may even convince yourself, but deep down, somewhere in your subconscious you have a niggling feeling that is stopping you.

So this week is about belief and learning to concentrate on you and believing in yourself.

I’ve been wanting to meditate for years, after downloading a Free app on my phone called Headspace, I became more intrigued and attended a meditation session last week. And something the teacher said was quite poignant to many people’s reality: It’s our reaction to other people that causes upset feelings within us. It’s how we deal with these feelings. It’s how we push these thoughts out into the open and how we deal with them internally.

Which got me thinking about self-belief. There are so many people out there who won’t take a risk, won’t move forward with their lives because they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t believe they are worthy of doing anything more than what they are doing. Don’t believe they are capable. And they listen to other people who may spread negativity around them.

So this week, I want everyone who is reading this blog to use affirmations. Affirmations help in clearing the mind and help to understand that you totally deserve the best life ever! It’s the belief in yourself that will help you move forward.

Every morning when you awake, before you get out of bed, say, ‘Today is a wonderful day, I believe in myself and wonderful things are happening!’

Once you are out of bed, look in the mirror and say, ‘I believe in me’ five times!

Stop in the middle of the day and tell yourself, ‘I can do this, I am an amazing person and I totally believe in myself.’ If you can do this a few times a day, awesome!

When lying in bed, before you go to sleep, say, ‘I believe in me. I’m proud of myself. Thank you for a wonderful day. Tomorrow will bring more good things. I believe. I believe. I believe.’

Remember, The Law of Attraction tells us to believe we’re already there, you can do this, but you need to believe in yourself! Believe you’re already there. Believe. Believe. Believe!

Good luck believing and have an awesome week!

Sending you lots of love and happiness



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