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Before you go and have a look around, please let me tell you more about myself.

I’m Vic Brown, author, a spiritual empowerment coach, certified in the law of attraction, book coach and all things high vibe! 

I’m a spiritual empowerment coach, helping beautiful souls find their purpose & manifest their desires. I’m an author who has an MA in Creative Writing and is passionate about self-reflective, therapeutic writing, and I absolutely LOVE encouraging people to write their own stories. I’m qualified in the Law of Attraction, so all my work will help you reflect back to you WHAT YOU WANT!

But, firstly, let me tell you about becoming an author. I have always loved writing, from being a little girl. I would surround myself with notebooks while my friends were out playing. However, I grew up in an environment where dreams like mine weren’t encouraged, because things like ‘becoming an author’ didn’t happen to ‘people like us.’ So, putting my dreams to the back of my mind, I decided to study BA (Hons) in Business and Marketing, in hope that I could use writing within a PR field. I did develop my career in the marketing, events and PR industry, but it didn’t satisfy me in the way that writing for fun did.

I am so passionate about writing. As soon as I could write I was creating stories. However, like many authors, my writing became a hobby and I embarked on a ‘real career’. Hence the reason I’m so passionate about people not giving up on their dreams. My dreams came true and so can yours.

I liked the humour, tension, character development. It’s a clean script, definitely the strongest. Congratulations Victoria!



So, with my writing being a hobby, I squashed that desire and trundled through my career, not the happiest of people, but ‘you do what you got to do’, right? Well … wrong! I knew I could stay frustrated and unhappy in a career that I was growing to hate, or I could choose to make a change. So, when my girls were four and two years old, I went back to Teesside University and gained an MA in Creative Writing. When studying for my MA I won a competition judged by Adele Parks. You can read my entry here – or by clicking the testimonial above!

After my MA, I self-published the ‘Myself Series’ under the ‘Chaos Series’, but was thrilled when Bombshell Books offered me a contract. It shows that dreams can come true, and you can read a small part of my own life journey here. Bombshell Books have now published, Holding Myself, Losing Myself and Finding Myself.

Over the years my own barriers of self-belief were broken down and my own spirituality developed and the urge to inspire others to follow their passion and send love always grew. This led me to study more about the universe, angels and a higher power … hence the reason I qualified as a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner.

My true belief that we should all be following our passions, dreams and never judging others on their life choices led me to start writing my inspirational blog. I’m passionate about living our life purpose.

Not sure what your purpose is? You can take this mini quiz here to find out what your purpose is!

Ask yourself, what is your passion? Whatever your passion is, that’s your purpose. Life presents us with many challenges, however I’ve learnt many lessons from the challenges I’ve faced. I would love to inspire you to do the same!

My MA has allowed me to qualify as a writing therapist and you can see writing exercises on my inspirational blog. I’m a huge lover of therapeutic writing and hope my exercises will help those who feel life is just sometimes too much, their dreams are out of reach or they feel as if they are trudging through treacle … these exercises are designed to help you focus on the good in your life and hopefully help you achieve your dreams.


My motto: 

Inspirational positive messages, throughout the day, can keep the negative thoughts away.


Life really can be as magical. It takes focus, but it will eventually come naturally and all the things you dreamed of can come true.

As part of my mission to increase positivity, spread love, peace and joy, I created downloadable printables shop. The idea behind the store is to spread as much love as possible by printing these messages. They’re for displaying in your home, workplace or giving to someone as a gift as you never know who needs to see your message. So, visit my online store and help spread as much love as we possibly can.

Thank you lots for visiting, I hope you find something that inspires you.


Love Victoria xxx