‘Happy Halloween’, I’ve always loved this quote, especially as children (and many adults) do their very best to scare the living daylights out of each other, how does that equate to happiness … but it actually does; from the dressing-up, the laughter and, of course, the treats!

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In the U.K, we do like to dress-up, go trick or treating and often throw a Halloween party. However, for those of you who are American, my hat goes off to you! A few years back, we visited Atlanta, in October and … all I can say is … OMG! The houses that were decorated ready for Halloween were amazing! They were so awe-inspiring! My girls loved it. 

And now with the Halloween holidays approaching us quickly (and, can I just say, can you believe we are in October, I think I blinked through 2019!), I decided to look at ways in which you can bring happiness to your Halloween. 




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There are some crazy, wacky and wonderful artistic designs on pumpkins, it would bring so much laughter to hold a fun competition between family and friends. Obviously kids who are too young to be using carving equipment, could pair with an adult. Not only a fun activity, but a great opportunity for bonding.




There are lots of food ideas and it’s not just about the end product, but the excitement of making the food. See below some fab pictures and links to see how you can make a selection of scary, creepy and gross-looking foods.

See these simple but very effective recipes from

Taste of Home

Check out this brain dip and other creative food ideas from

Country Living


Clean and Scentsible

displayed these quirky pretzel broomsticks and

many other fun Halloween recipe ideas

If you want to see more freaky and fun Halloween food ideas, you can see plenty here on Pinterest


As I said earlier in my post, I love the Halloween decorated houses in America. They really do go to town for this holiday. So I’ve been looking through some wonderful photos to give you some inspiration to bring the scary to your home.

Check out the realtor website for some wacky and wonderful exterior Halloween ideas

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Love this … if you’re a fan of the walking dead you’ll see why!

Credit: Explosion

See this website ‘explosion’ for more awesome Halloween house ideas 

Credit: Pinterest

Halloween doorways to entice those trick or treaters!

See more ideas on pinterest here 


There’s a great variety of Halloween crafts for kids; from decorating your home with their creativity to letting them design and colour to their hearts content. See below some fun and freaky crafty ideas;

Crazy Little Projects is a fab website run by mum of 4, Amber Price. You can discover lots of different ideas on her site, including lessons on how to sew! Might come in handy if you want to create a wonderful and wacky Halloween costume. 

Another fab website for craft ideas is, One Little Project, see these Halloween Candy People … which child isn’t going to love these!

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Perfect way to keep the kids entertained is colouring some creative pictures. There’s plenty of places to download free colouring prints, but I was drawn to this site fun free halloween. They have lots of different designs to keep your kids entertained.


Whether you are having a halloween party or simply having a few friends round, playing games is a great way to bring laughter into your home and the halloween holidays. Here’s a few ideas to get you started;

At Crayola, you can download some free bingo game cards, perfect way to start or end the night.

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Kids absolutely love the ‘toilet roll mummy game’ … wrapping a friend in toilet roll and racing against other friends to see who can make the best mummy. This game never fails to bring laughter to the home.

One of my favourite Halloween games is, ‘Guess what’s in the box!‘ I love the squirming and squealing when the kids put their hand inside the mystery box to feel brains, eyeballs or whatever else is gross enough for Halloween.

Imaginations are stretched when the feeling slimy pasta represents ‘guts’. There are so many ideas, here’s a few links to help you create the perfect mystery Halloween box. 

The Spruce Crafts

Happy Mom Hacks

Momma Braga

So as you can see there we have lots of ideas to help you have a Happy Halloween