Welcome to my website – and thanks for popping in!!!

Let me introduce myself …

I’m Vic Brown, a.k.a, ‘Positivity Queen’ (a name given by my family, friends & even clients!)

I’m a best-selling women’s fiction author, hold a Masters in Creative Writing (specialising in self-reflective & therapeutic writing), I’m certified in the Law of Attraction, founder of Positivity Pants Prints & a complete ‘journal junkie’

I was journaling before I even knew it was ‘a thing’. It’s been my go-to since I could write. But my knowledge of the Law of Attraction, Writing to Heal & Intuitive Journalling, meant I could bring all of this together, to enhance my own self-awareness. I was able to journal with intention and focus on channelling my journaling which allowed me to expand my own self-development and connect to my soul.


Being an empathetic spiritual high vibe chick, that I am, it was natural for me to bring all of the above together to show others how to find the fire within their soul, without the fear of feeling lost, self-conscious or confronting inner demons, so they can manifest the life they desire using powerful journaling techniques.


How can any of the above help YOU?

I offer one-to-one writing coaching (limited spaces), however, I realised many peeps would LOVE to journal on their own, without the frustration of what to write, or the cost of hiring a writing therapist, so this is where I expanded my range of ‘Positivity Pants Prints’ to include JOURNALS.

And can I say, ‘not just any old journals…’ my expertise and knowledge has been thrown into these journals, as well as an abundance of gooey love, so that, you can live a life of peace & positivity & manifest the life you desire.


Not sure if journaling is for YOU! Although, I think it’s for EVERYONE! If, however, you are sitting on the fence, why not try out the FREE, ‘JOURNAL WITH INTENTION’ PLANNER; 100 pages of guided journaling so you can journal about your goals/desires, journal about them, structure them and TAKE ACTION!