Welcome … thanks for popping in!!!

Let me introduce myself & the creation of the positivity pants journals!

I’m Vic Brown, a.k.a, ‘Positivity Queen’ (a name given by my family, friends & even clients!)

I’m a best-selling women’s fiction author, hold a Masters in Creative Writing, I’m certified in the Law of Attraction, founder of Positivity Pants Prints & a complete ‘journal junkie’.

I’ve worked with children across schools to help with creative writing, I’ve taught English online to children across the world for many years and I’ve written my first children’s book (to be published soon).

All the qualifications out the way, the real-life stuff: I’m divorced with 2 whirlwind, awesome teen girls, the youngest I home-school. I have a fab friendship with my ex-hubby, manifested the man of my dreams (LITERALLY HIM!), and his amazing teen daughter. Life has been a rollercoaster of events, even the writer in me, ‘couldn’t write it’, but by using journalling, visualising and ‘constant’ positive thinking, we can manifest our desires. When I say ‘constant’ positive thinking, I have a motto …

‘Positive messages throughout the day, help to keep the negative thoughts away’

I was journalling before I even knew it was ‘a thing’. It’s been my go-to since I could write. I’ve since used my knowledge of the Law of Attraction, Writing to Heal & Intuitive Journalling, to bring all of this together, to enhance my own self-awareness and teach others. I was able to journal with intention and focus on channelling my journalling which allowed me to expand my own self-development and connect to my soul.

This is how ‘positivity pants prints’ was born.

Journals that inspire daily.

Journals that allow us to embrace our feelings, not dismiss them, but look deeper at

‘WHAT WE WANT’ … ‘what YOU want!’